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FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/31/14 1:09 P

I'm still not entirely sure I'll stick to Sparkpeople the entire time. I may try MyFitnessPal again.

My first major goal is to try to hit 20 pounds down in February (I have 6.6 pounds to go

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/31/14 12:56 P

I often set high goals myself. Just remember not to be upset if you lose 20 lbs in those 20 weeks, instead of 40. Just keep doing what works, and eventually you will reach your goal. The problem comes when we stop doing what works. Sounds obvious, but along the way, we all have periods where we give up, and gain back weight.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/31/14 12:36 P

It's a stretch. With WW, it would be more of a stretch simply because of the more vague 0.5-2 pounds a week target, but on here, I can actually work towards a loss of 2 pounds per week.

Of course, there will be a couple setback weeks in between. I weigh in on Mondays, so the day after Easter may be a slight gain or I may stay the same. I'm also traveling to Virginia for my Grandfather's memorial service (he passed away on Christmas Eve) in March, so I'm not sure how that weekend will go.

However, 2 pounds a week is still a stretch goal, but it is technically possible. It just happens that the 20 week point falls right around my Birthday.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/31/14 11:51 A

So you think that you can lose 40 lbs. in 20 weeks. That is some pretty green grass ( 2 lbs/week ). So you have a plan, and it is working, why would you even think of another plan?

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/30/14 11:42 P

The top of my healthy BMI range is actually 150 pounds. I am currently around 40 pounds above that. I don't think I can get a note right now, but I may see about getting a note when I get around 160 pounds. I can always lose more, but the free lifetime membership would be nice.

And I may be able to get fairly close to 150 pounds by my 23rd Birthday in June.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3,293
1/30/14 2:10 P

If your healthy weight is something like 130 or 140 and you currently weigh 190, I can't see how a doctor would write that note. Plus seeing the doctor would probably cost more than just paying for Weight Watchers.

I like Russell's idea. is another good way to start a group if you really need that in-person interaction.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/29/14 7:26 P

Why don't you have meetings at a local library? Post a notice at the library, and invite others to join your own meetings. Maybe get a few friends to attend, so you aren't alone at the start. If all you want is the feelings of sharing that a group provides, in person, this might be a great idea. We are headed towards 75% overweight by 2020 supposedly, so at any time, there are probably thousands of people in your area on a diet, who would love to do this, but can't afford to pay for WW. The library will usually give you a room for free, if you reserve in advance. You can probably secure a room every 2 week, or once a month. Show up with a scale, weigh everyone in, and talk about your triumphs, and struggles. No reason you can't copy the WW experience for free.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/29/14 6:58 P

Azul- I am paid for WW through March 31, so I am going to continue to go to meetings, but I'm actually trying out tracking on Sparkpeople. I think being on WW for two months has roughly trained me, so it doesn't seem too bad this time around.

At WW, when you are at a healthy bmi you can declare goal and become a lifetime member after 6 weeks of maintaining. I am tempted to get a doctor's note and declare goal earlier. Being stuck at the same weight at this point will be horrible, but it would give me the free meetings. I do think the meetings are important for me at this point.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (74,443)
Posts: 3,293
1/29/14 6:40 P

"I think part of it is trying to create the impossible."

EXACTLY! This is a huge mental block--you are putting your emotional energy into finding that pie-in-the-sky magical thing instead of using your energy to actually do what you know you need to do.

Could you not just do Weight Watchers and focus on Weight Watchers while adding two additional rules for yourself? 1. Only X (2? 3?) servings of fruit per day and 2. Do not eat more just to use up points.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/29/14 1:39 A

In my version of this analogy, I have gone over, and seen how green the grass is on the other diets, and wasn't impressed. The low carb grass, is so bright green it is hurting my, so I am not tempted.

We are usually tempted most when what we are currently doing isn't working, and I don't think that is really a bad idea. I switched to low carb, because the diabetic diet wasn't working, and lost 170 lbs, and have been off my diabetes meds for 3.5 years. If the diabetic diet had caused this to occur, then I would have had no reason to look at other grass. For people who do well controlling blood sugar, and weight on a diabetic diet, there is no temptation. Only the lack of success for me, caused me to look for other options, and that was a good thing to do.

If you are tempted by some other option, stop and ask yourself if what you are currently doing is working. If not, and you have given it time to work, then go find some new grass. If this is a hybrid plan, and it works for you, congratulations on finding your new plan.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/28/14 10:53 P

I think part of it is trying to create the impossible. I'm not talking about putting together contradictory diet plans. "I like South Beach, but I still want to eat cookies every day." I'm talking about puzzle piecing things together. Right now, I want to take the Sparkpeople tracker/ranges (including the easiness of finding generic items), and blend it with the MyFitnessPal database and Fitbit syncing. But I still want to do the Weight Watchers meetings for the weigh-ins and support.

All of the plans have a little something that I like, and something that I don't like, but none are 100% right.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,746
1/28/14 9:31 P

Im sure everyone has that at some point but you just need to stick with what works long term

1/28/14 8:17 P

I was like that many years ago .... long before I realized that I don't need a diet but I do need a lifestyle.

I would be on diet "x" and then someone at work or a relative would ask if I'd heard of diet "C" or whatever because it was just the best ever & they knew people it worked for.

What I found was that the only reason the "grass looked greener" somewhere else was a matter of perspective .... kind of like a mirage in the desert.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
1/28/14 6:08 P

"Just imagine. You're on a diet/weight loss plan that is working for you ...The weight is coming off, and you're more successful than you've been in years. "

When this is the case - don't fix what isn't broke.

I've been successful in the past with WW (though clearly not "permanently" as, although I did maintain for several years, I ultimately did regain and here I go again) and I'm successful now with Spark. When i hear of other people's regimes, read about the latest diet plan, etc., I think to myself "well that's nice" and then i just keep doing what I'm doing.

The only reason I would change what I was doing would be if
a) what I was doing wasn't leading to positive changes, or if
b) i recognized that i disliked what i was doing and knew it could never be sustainable.

So far, neither a) nor b) apply. So I don't go coveting other seemingly-greener grasses.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/28/14 5:59 P

Azul- Even if I had the same health issues that you do, I still feel like I would have the same problem with wondering if another plan is better. I love different aspects of both Sparkpeople and MyFitnessPal. I love the ranges on Sparkpeople, and it is easier to find generic entires, but MFP has a nicer database overall. However, I feel that MFP may skew on the low side calorie-wise (but it could be that Sparkpeople skews high).

I'm down 13.4 pounds in two months on WW (most I've lost in years), but I'm also seeing some flaws in the program. I would rather finish my day with one treat (a fruit snack, a mini muffin or two, a piece of dark chocolate), and some fruit. However, they're are days when I feel pressured to eat JUST to use up my points.

But take something like milk for example. Skim milk is 2 points for a cup. Whole milk is 4. In points, that's a huge deal, but if you are counting calories, the difference doesn't seem so huge.

Yet, I "think" better in points than I do in calories. My diary seams to be ok overall if I plan my day using points, and then track it all on here (excluding yesterday, of course). However, I struggle with trying to plan meals around calories. The larger numbers just confuse me.

And I think the free fruit/veggies are both a good and a bad thing for me.

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AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (74,443)
Posts: 3,293
1/28/14 5:24 P

No, I do not have this problem. :)

I know that Weight Watchers would not work for me now (though I did lose weight with them when I was younger and had fewer health problems) and I've never tried any kind of fad diet.

I know what I need to do (move my butt and eat fewer carbs) so I focus my mental energy on doing those things.

Maybe it comes down to what you really want more. Do you want to be comfortable with a particular "greener" plan or do you really want to lose weight?

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/28/14 3:45 P

Has anyone here suffered from "the grass is always greener syndrome" with weight loss?

Just imagine. You're on a diet/weight loss plan that is working for you. Maybe you're tracking calories here on Sparkpeople. The weight is coming off, and you're more successful than you've been in years.

Then, you read a new article about some new diet plan that intrigues you. Or maybe your friend's relative has dropped a lot of weight on a strict low carb diet plan. It doesn't matter that even a more moderate approach has been too much for you in the past.

Or, perhaps, you're just looking at what you did in the past. After all, while the ranges on Sparkpeople are nice, and you love how easy it is to find generic items, other websites have BETTER databases, and they sync better with your fitness device. There was also that time several years ago when you lost weight on this one program, so why not try that again?

I've been having that problem with Weight Watchers lately. I love going to the meetings. I find tracking on there easy, and I love the free fruit and vegetables. However, there have been days when I'll eat half a dozen mini muffins JUST because I still have points at the end of the day (even though most other websites would say I'm doing perfectly fine, WW says I'm UNDEREATING).

But I also know that if I were tracking calories on here, I'd be thinking about all the things I love about Weight Watchers.

Does anyone here ever feel the same way?

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