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6/12/13 12:58 P

I was out of work and extremely depressed for three years. Exactly 11 months ago i got a new job and a new apartment and im so happy but at the same time so scared things will go back to TERRIBLE! I feel like i am afraid to jump out of my fish bowl! I just sit here and look around afraid to be happy!

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6/12/13 12:21 P

I agree and endorse the wisdom DRAGONCHILDE has shared. emoticon

Julia Cameron in "The Artist's Way" describes how one is lifted by taking oneself on a date. This has worked beautifully for me. Dress for the date and affirm what a good time you will be having and then go enjoy yourself. I plan to have one of these dates this weekend ...go for a walk and view a local sand castle contest. I know I will enjoy it!

Have a happy day! emoticon

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6/12/13 11:33 A

Many times.

When things are like that for me, I like to force a change. Getting out, doing something active, alone and for me, is one of the best ways to break my funk. The endorphin rush helps me feel better, lets me think clearer, and gives me some time to work out my problems.

To quote an Al Anon saying, "If nothing changes, nothing changes." So if your life is stagnant, change it!

Instead of watching life from the outside, jump out of the bowl, and into the pool, and get involved.

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6/12/13 11:31 A

Do you ever get the feeling that your in a fish bowl emoticon watching what's going on around you, and trying to stay afloat??

We probably all have a feeling some what like do you deal with these kinds of feelings??


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