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STICKY NOTE: This thread can be about any fantasy adventure you follow be it books, TV, film, video game, whatever.

I use to be BIG into all the Star Trek incarnations, even STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE with Scott Bakula but during the second season or so I lost interest until J.J. Abrams came out with Star Trek last year.

So I go on youtube and start searching for old ENTERPRISE episodes and ran across "In a Mirror: Darkly" Season 4 Episode 18-19.

It starts with the openng scene where the Vulcan's make first contact with Humans in Montana (2063) where they had followed Cochrane and his first warp drive vessal back to Montana. If you're a Star Trek fan then you know the scene: the vulcan ship lands and Cochrane and his people are waiting for the Vulcan's to step out then first contact is made when the Vulcan says, "Live long and prosper", then Cochrane does the hand sign and repeats the phrase.....but in THIS timeline Cochrane instead pulls out a shot gun and kills that Vulcan and then orders his mob to take over the Vulcan ship therefore changing history to an agressive Federation state (Empire).

N-E-V-E-R saw this one before. Just watched it on youtube and it's great!

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