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11/4/12 7:56 P

5th grade. A student came from the office with a note from the principal and our teacher read it and burst into tears.....finally she calmed down and told us the president was shot - I remember thinking "I hope he is ok" but by the time I got home the news was saying he was dead. It was scary and sad.

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GRAPHICS2 Posts: 9,088
10/30/12 9:15 P

I was at work and pregnant, with my first son. When my boss came over to tell me the news I was so shocked I told him " you are lying". He was in shock also I am sure he never heard what I said.

BARBWMS Posts: 1,359
10/30/12 5:25 P

I was in my freshman English class in high school... mid morning if I remember right. The announcement of President Kennedy's shooting came over the intercom and they did some magic so we could listen to the radio broadcasts.. we just sat, didn't change classes. It was the first time I saw a grown up cry... Mrs. Pennington, my teacher, just sat and we watched the tears quietly go down her cheeks.. she didn't even wipe them away. We had a feeling that the world would never be the same.....

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10/28/12 1:19 P

Two days before my seventh birthday. I was at school and our principal announced it over the loud speaker-we were dismissed early and the bus ride home was very quiet and sad.

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,315
9/24/12 1:07 P

2nd grade.....I think it was right after lunch and the principal told us over the intercom... It was very sad and remember students crying on the school bus....We watched the funeral at school on the one black & white TV the school had. The whole school watched it together, I think. We were all very quiet and attentive. I can not think of students in this day and age behaving as well as we did. This was a small school, but there was probably 200-250 people there, counting students and teachers.
One of those things that just stays with you....I doubt I will forget it.

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9/22/12 5:42 P

I do not remember it but my mum says she was washing me in the kitchen sink when it came on the news and she lifted me out onto to a towel and cried. The shot that was heard around the world.

JANETTEB553 Posts: 2,039
9/22/12 1:16 A

Standing in our hallway watching my Mother cry..

CHERIONE Posts: 1,008
9/21/12 10:51 P

I was in first grade and I remember being in town with my dad after school. Everybody was in shock listening to car radios.



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7/18/12 3:13 P

In Grade 2 - We were lining up to go back into the school from recess (similar to the prior entry strangely enough) - I heard as did the entire class one teacher tell another teacher. I live in Canada and I believe it hit us about as hard as it did our neighbors to the south. Was a very sad day, even at my age, I understood that.

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7/18/12 10:27 A

I was at school in the 3rd grade. We had just come in from recess and the principal came in and told the teacher. Like many others here I had no idea what assassinated meant.

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5/8/12 9:39 A

I was at school in 6th grade.

HERMES418 Posts: 28
5/8/12 4:35 A

I was in the British Army and enjoying a night out at a USAF base in Edinburgh, Scotland. We were watching a play called "The Rain Maker" when suddenly the stage lights went off and the curtains closed. Nobody knew what was happening until there was an announcement that President Kennedy had been shot. We were all stunned. We went to the airmen's club but the bar had closed and it was eerily quiet - although the bar was still full no one was speaking. If they spoke at all they spoke only in whispers. Airmen were crying openly around the camp and soon after all visitors to the camp were asked to leave which we did. We didn't see our American friends for more than a week after that. It was a really sad time. When we arrived back at our own barracks nobody had heard so we were able to break the news to them. They thought we were winding them up (joking) but it was confirmed by the Regimental Sergeant Major a few minutes after we arrived into the NAAFI club. When we went to work the next day we had two minutes silence because by then we had heard that President Kennedy had died.

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BJPENNY70 Posts: 4,806
5/4/12 12:23 A

I was in my sixth grade class and our teacher/principle announced the president had been shot. He brought in a radio and turned it on for us to listen to the report. I was eleven years old.

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5/3/12 9:20 P

The principal announced it over the intercom near the end of the school day. At age 8, only one student in my class knew what "assassinated" meant. She told us it meant bang! bang! We ran home to find our moms glued to the tv and crying. Such a terrible event.

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3/26/12 8:02 P

I was in my English class and they took us to the music room where there was a TV. We watched and listened to Walter Cronkite repeat the story over and over in tears.

SANDRA-G SparkPoints: (27,324)
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3/23/12 12:09 P

Mrs. Shulken's class in the 4th grade. The day of the funeral we actually had a tv in the classroom.

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3/20/12 6:53 A

Grade school...Mr Little's was about to let out. Lived next door to the school...went home and my mother was watching it and didn't say a word. Shocked silence and such a feeling of overwhelming fear!

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3/20/12 5:39 A

I was at home and cried along with my mother.

3/20/12 2:58 A

I remember finding out in junior high and watching the tv. I remember the days of t.v. coverage and the repeating of the scenes over and over.


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3/20/12 1:27 A

Funny, for years now I have lived close to and have seen the location where this terrible tradegy happened. But at the time I was in high school in Ks, sitting on the back row with girlfriends in choir (we had a transistor radio on and heard it) Everyone began to cry, school was dismissed a bit early... always remember watching the funeral on tv, plus all the other news about Oswald and J. Ruby...

LADYGSC Posts: 7,771
3/19/12 10:19 P

I'll never forget, I was in school and one girl in particular made the ugliest statement about who she thought shot our president. Today all these years later, unfortunately we still have prejudice in this world. Only God can help us!!

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BAKERBARBARA SparkPoints: (32,471)
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3/19/12 9:28 P

I was in fourth grade. I was so worried about my sister because she was living near Dallas at the time. I guess I thought she might get shot, too!

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GRANDMABABA SparkPoints: (129,003)
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3/19/12 12:59 P

I was in class and the teacher brought in a tv so several lasses could get together to watch the coverage. I spent the night at a friend's house talking, sharing, not sleeping.

KIPPER15 Posts: 7,117
3/18/12 4:15 P

I was in school in the first grade. I got really scared because all the teachers were crying.

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3/18/12 10:46 A

I went into labor with my son

LTMURPHY7 SparkPoints: (80,334)
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2/29/12 3:19 P

I went to my brother's wedding rehersal that night

DONNA088 SparkPoints: (17,725)
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2/29/12 2:43 P

I was in 7th grade science class. The principal came down and talked to my teacher out in the hall (The was unusual - actually never happened). The someone (I don't remember who) told us. We were allowed to go to the restroom. There all the 8th grade girls were crying. We 7th grade girls just stood there. Shortly after it was time to go home.

DOOBIE893 SparkPoints: (55,291)
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2/28/12 12:47 A

I was saying the last line in the school's Thanksgiving play

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TATTER3 SparkPoints: (276,826)
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2/27/12 8:57 P

School was dismissing, I was last in the class to leave and Mr Little, the teacher, had the news he did every afternoon. I lived next door and ran home to find my mother watching the same news!

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LESLIESENIOR SparkPoints: (153,231)
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2/27/12 8:44 P

I was in 6th grade, my teacher ran next door the the neighboring classroom and completely broke down. She wasn't much comfort to her class of confused 12 year olds. I'm a teacher and I can't imagine not being composed enough to help my children, no matter the crisis.
It was truly a horrible tragedy and a sad day in our country's history. The world was never quite the same again.

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DONNARAEJ SparkPoints: (12,068)
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2/27/12 8:34 P

I was a freshman in college, in bowling class (do people still have to take phys ed classes in college?) and the word started around the class. I will never forget that day or the next several days following.

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2/26/12 11:40 A

I was in Mrs. Groom's 2nd grade class. Mrs. Dobbs (our principal) walked in and announced that President Kennedy has been assassinated. I thought, "OK - but - what does assassinated mean?" I soon found out.

MULEDOGGIE SparkPoints: (55,683)
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2/26/12 11:22 A

I was in kindergarten in Dallas when it happened. My mom worked in downtown and was traumatized. That's all I remember.



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2/26/12 10:13 A

I was in Mrs. Lowe's Civics class, 5th period, in 7th grade.

2/18/12 3:52 P

It was my 9th Birthday and my Grandmother made me sit in silence with her as we watched TV for any news.

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MIZKAREN Posts: 38,530
2/18/12 4:16 A

I was in school and an announcement came over the intercom then we were sent home.

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ARKCMOM Posts: 2,745
2/17/12 11:33 P

I was 5 years old at the time, so it really didn't impact me.I have realized since that no one is so important they can't be replaced....


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DEBBY4576 Posts: 5,950
2/17/12 5:21 P

We were all called out of class and it was announced by loud speaker to us in the "quad" area.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 17,587
2/17/12 3:25 P

The nuns told us. We all went straight to the church to pray.

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2/17/12 3:10 P

Can you remember how you heard about the shooting of JFK?

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