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GARDENDIVA2 Posts: 612
7/9/14 1:14 P

CJGODESS101 - that is hilarious. I can just see the looks on their faces.

Your plants will grow back. Catnip used to grow wild in my sisters driveway. I never gave my cats the whole plant but I would snip off a few stems and they would roll around in it for a long time. The plant would refresh itself fairly quickly.

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7/9/14 12:29 P

I'm sure it will come right back. I had planted cat nip in pots about 2 years ago, then when I emptied out my pots at the end of the season, I just threw the dirt and the left over plants off my deck. I was went down under my deck last week because the cats kept coming into the house with green all over their faces, and there are a bunch of cat nip plants. Go figure, I now have enough cat nip to supply my entire neighborhood.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,884
7/9/14 11:01 A

We had a crazy weird storm last night. I was expecting to come out and find my plants all dead.

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QUEEN-EYDIE Posts: 11,880
7/9/14 8:50 A

It should recover quickly. Don't despair, kitties! emoticon emoticon

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7/9/14 1:03 A

I shoveled out 6 inches of hail from the planters, so if the plants didn't freeze they might grow back.

The plants stand a better chance outside in a hail storm then they do inside with 6 cats! The planters on wheels so I occasionally bring one in for them to play with. A 3 foot high and 3 foot wide plant is stripped bare in 30 minutes. Happy kitties= destroyed plant!

Thanks everyone for the safe wishes. I staed home and inside. I've never seen hail blown sideways before.

7/9/14 12:43 A

Wow! Be safe!
Replant, I think it grows fast! Can you grow in a sunny window inside?

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7/8/14 11:08 P

I bet it will grow back

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7/8/14 8:29 P

Poor kitties!!! Be careful with the bad weather!!!!

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7/8/14 8:15 P

My kitties are in mourning. Their foot high catnip plants are in shreds. We just had a huge hail storm, lasted 20 to 30 minutes and had hail up to an inch in diameter! Talk about loud!

Another storm is heading our way, should hit in about 30 minutes. We had a mudslide that closed part of Route 66. What a way to start the monsoon season.

I did get great pictures! I posted a couple to m page.

I can't believe it! They have already sent the snow plows through to clear the roads! WoW

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