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MUMU2BIKINI Posts: 2,022
2/23/15 6:08 P

Just past my first 30 days and LOVE BBV. The shakes are amazing and have really helped with the late night cravings.

LDEES84 Posts: 3
2/12/15 3:04 P

I have used BBV for about two years now. I lost 20 lbs in 3 months using 2 shakes a day, eating sensible snacks and a sensible meal. They do have cereal now and I love it with almond milk and a banana. True you do get hungry after a few hours, that is when you have a healthy snack. For me, I was not a breakfast eater or when I did I had a bagel. With a shake or crunch, I know what I am having everyday and breakfast is a no brainer. On the weekends I make waffles using a recipe I found on Pinterest. Also, to shake it up, I have instant oatmeal, plain, with shake mix thrown in. The great thing about the shakes is they are good tasting blank slate to add whatever you want. Some people use them to get their spinach or whatever other greens into their diet. I do promote the challenge and personally use the products as a tool in my new way of life, the life of taking a new 90 day challenge, every 90 days. I change it up doing things like couch to 5 k, or going to the gym, squat challenge, plank challenge, cardio kickboxing, etc. When I use my tools, Sparkpeople to track all food, exercise, and I eat right using my BBV tool or not some days I keep the weight off. The only time I gain is when I stop doing the tracking of food and exercising. Like I said the shake is a tool that works for a lot of people, but there are lots of tools out there. Just do what works for you.

ICKY2NIKKI Posts: 10
1/25/15 10:16 P

I just started the 90 day challenge 4 days ago and I am down 4lbs already. I make smoothies every morning with frozen fruit, almond milk and a tbsp of greek yogurt. I have not excercised. I eat healhy meals and snack on fruits or nuts. I do not feel jittery. I did have a headache in the evening on the first two days but Day 3 and today have been great. Im excited. Never done this before! Sometimes i do two smoothies and have a regular lunch. Other times i will have one shake for breakfast and eat healthy the rest of the day. So far, so good.

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1/15/15 9:33 P

I tried it a few years ago. It definitely works, but myself and several others who were successful gained their weight back. It is hard to stick to unless you really like shakes!

1/15/15 3:52 P

I will try it I purchased 1 bag of Ebay for $25.00 ; I figured this would be the cheaper way of trying the product.

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12/15/14 1:56 P

Any progress yet on the Body by Vi?

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7/25/14 11:50 A

The big problem I see with buying Visalus products from resellers like Amazon is you lose out on the product quality warranty and the ''90-day guaranteed results or your money-back'' promise from the company.

This makes it a real no-brainer to buy direct and try because if you don't like it, or it doesn't work for you, you get your money back! Not if you buy from Amazon, though...

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7/8/14 9:50 A

I have not tried the vi products as of yet but I have a few friends who are taking the vi challenge now. My nail tech has lost over 53 pounds since February, another friend has lost 35 Pounds! I will accept the challenge next and will post my own progress

SIRBY951 Posts: 74
6/23/14 1:34 P

My husband & I are on Vi now. We've been on it since May of this yr. A guy at my husbands work is on it & sells it. We get ours from Amazon which I like better due to there seems to be drama with the Vi company at times. The 10 challenge is a great idea. When you join for ever 10lbs you lose the company donates a months supply (2 bags) of Vi to a obese child. There's chances to win money. There's great recipes that you can use Vi in like muffins & pancakes. As of now I've lost 13 lbs & husband has lost 17 lbs. we don't always do the 2 shakes a day, but we now seem to really think about what to eat & not just whats fast & easy. Which has always been an issue with my husband & the hrs he works. It's not for everyone but I like it & I like the recipes I've tried so far. We get just the mix, not the mix in flavor packets or the crunch or the energy shots or any of the other products. If you plan of trying it go through amazon or e-bay this way if you don't care for it you're not having to make sure that your auto ship is stopped. which lots of people have complained about

STRATCAT45 Posts: 10
6/4/14 10:12 A

I have friends all over FB ranting about this product, so was glad that I found this thread because I can't get a straight answer out of any of them other than to come to one of their "challenges".... or look at their headless photos as proof (I have issues with headless photos).

Anyway, I went to training thru work and a girl from one of the other offices went along and she sells this product so she began a sales pitch. I asked the obvious - "What is the monthly cost?" Her reply? "If you get 3 friends to buy you'll get yours free." Hmmmm.....that didn't answer my question. I said "Yeah, but what does it cost for a month?" Her reply: "3 friends and yours is free!" Alrighty then...... "I don't have 3 friends, what will it cost me?" Her(after a sigh): "$300". Seriously? (I've since learned there are various prices and such).

I then asked "Okay, so I do this; lose weight - but after so long I don't want to use 2 shakes as my meals anymore. Does the program teach how to come off the shakes and eat sensibly so you maintain the loss?" She looked at me, sighed, rolled her eyes and said "You know weight loss IS a life style change." I looked at her and said "I'm a Weight Watchers Lifetimer, I know all about life style changes; but since you can't seem to answer any of my questions directly - it tells me all I need to know about the product."

Let's face it - SlimFast invented the 2 shake idea YEARS ago; find the mix you like best and work it from there!

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1/11/14 10:20 P

I use this product and love it so I joined the team

AYAMFREE2FLY SparkPoints: (1,359)
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1/2/14 9:56 P

I am enjoying the Body by Vi Shakes. When I took them on, I knew that I wanted to change my lifestyle. So, I immediately started a workout plan. My first 2 weeks, I lost about 7 lbs, which was good. Then, I got a little slack on my workout and my weight just kept fluctuating by a couple lbs. I have to admit that when the holidays came around, I didn't stick to my healthy in between meal, and ate whatever I wanted (sometimes in excess). So, even throughout that scenario, I only gained about 3 more lbs. Now, after joining SparkPeople, I am learning that I need to get a certain amount of calories a day, make healthier snack choices, and be strategic about which meals to replace.

So, with the new year, I am still in my 90 day challenge. I have lost 10 lbs. I recently joined Curves (a place where I have had previous success-lost 50 lbs/with combined diet and walking), and I am getting real excited about the possibilities! My health insurance plan pays (I have Windsor) for Curves and I couldn't be happier!

Minor problem this morning: Had low blood sugar, even after shake and was dizzy from workout. So, plan is to do what some of my other friends on body by vi are doing, and eat along with the shake. (not a full meal, mind you...) But tomorrow I am going to try a couple of hard boiled eggs for protein. I also have to find more fruits and veggies to eat for my meal and snacks. I am hoping that SparkCoach can help me learn to make wiser nutiritional choices when I am grocery shopping.

Anyhow, I am probably saying too much. But I hope this post can help someone who might be interested in Body by Vi, make an informed decision. It is not a quick fix solution! You must change your lifestyle. And it is good for people coming out of the junk food mode. Because you can focus on making healthy choices. It feels great to start my day with a shake. (and yes, when I ran out of mix at one point, I made my own smoothies out of Trop 50 orange juice, blueberries, and frozen sliced strawberries- it was delicious and I dropped 2-3 lbs that week with just that change.) Point can at least ensure you eat something for breakfast that is full of vitamins and antioxidants. You can snack throughout the day, with things like almonds, rice cakes, yogurt, trail mix, Nutri-grain bars, grapes, oranges, apples, etc. Have a full lunch, and end your night with a shake. Or shake for lunch, and end your night with a full meal.

I tend to eat the lunch at work because seeing others eating good meals and having only a shake kept making me jealous! Well, let me know your experiences with the shakes. What we need to find out is how to enhance the effectiveness of the shake without trying to cut corners! SparkPeople is helping learn.

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12/30/13 9:22 A

I was recently introduced to the Body By Vi shake. i'm not much of a shake person but I was given a 7 day I am going to give it a try.

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12/28/13 3:08 P

I agree with BLUEEYEDBOY1. I think since this is multi level marketing, and they make $$ selling it, they're going to exaggerate the claims. Max Muscle in the US has great high quality supplements & protein shakes. If you have any tingling or itchy feeling after a supplement, that's usually (not always) a reaction to the B vitamin Niacin used in supplements for dilation.

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12/8/13 6:50 P

I have been wanting to start the body by vi.

12/8/13 9:25 A

I've been on a Vi shakes for 3 months - the first month and a half I starved to death, suffered migraines almost every day (linked it to Vi Trim appetite suppressant powder) - only lost 4 lbs .... And NO INCHES.... - then I incorporated hard core sweat your ass off exercise (insanity) and lost 10 lbs and 2 inches off my waist! After a month and a half, I also had to add one Greek yogurt to my shake for added protein.... And then have snacks mid morning and mid afternoon --- once you add mixing it with almond milk - hell, just make your own smoothie and at least you'll know what's in it! I have been suffering from fluctuating blood sugar levels for the past 3 months and have come to a conclusion that Vi Shakes are absolutely NOT for me.. Fuel (food or shake) should make you feel energized - not tired and hungry....

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,104
12/5/13 11:03 A

Happy Holidays emoticon

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12/5/13 4:19 A

This is for anyone considering Body by Vi,
This is network marketing at its worst praying on people who are feeling low about the way they look and lacking in confidence or options to losing weight. Basically it's just a well over priced protein powder were you sign up for a monthly shipment that's 3 times the cost of a good protein supplement that you could purchase from the shops.
Many of the success story's you will here about are added by people who are network marketing this product so obviously it has to be amazing yea? These people are making big bucks from pushing this to family members and friends. It is well known that people who are network marketing the product will go to extreme lengths to show dramatic weight loss results. Some examples are of people posting before and after pictures of them looking overweight then slim. What they fail to mention is that they were really pregnant in the before pictures, Then they have posted an after the challenge photo once they have given birth.
At present in Wales, UK there is a body by vi leader posting a live weight loss challenge whilst claiming to be on the body by vi product. When in fact rumours suggest that he has actually recently had a gastric ballon fitted. Obviously if people feel the need to do things like that it makes you wonder how good the product really is?

MIDDLEAGE32 SparkPoints: (27)
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9/27/13 11:54 A

Its my first week anyone have any sugguestions that would help ? I lose a pound or 2 and gain it back?

MIDDLEAGE32 SparkPoints: (27)
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9/27/13 11:49 A

How is the VI shakes going for you so far I havent lost any weight yet it helps with wanting to go get something out of the snack machine lol but no weight lose yet do you have any tips and how is it going for you?

MIDDLEAGE32 SparkPoints: (27)
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9/27/13 11:47 A

How is yours working so far I am just getting started and it does help with the cravings but I still havent lost any weight its like i lose it then gain it right back?

ANGEL_789 Posts: 51
8/8/13 2:07 P

A friend of mine was telling me about her sister-in-law that did this and had lost weight (I don't remember all the details), but it seemed like a lot of money to me. Now, I know they rationalize it and how it can fit into your budget... that's fine, and if you're ok with it go for it. But as I researched it more it seemed to me (and this is my opinion, so forgive me if I'm not 100% accurate here) that this was mostly a fancy whey protein mix with a lot of ingredients (fillers?) I could barely read (although the first ingredient is a SOY protein isolate, which is another concern altogether). I encourage people to do their own research of course, but that was what I decided in the end.

Anyway. as luck would have it, I still had some Biochem vanilla whey protein mix from a previous smoothie making phase (I decided to get this brand after researching various protein powders... this one is all natural, sugar free, fat free, wheat, gluten and hormone free, etc but again, I encourage you to do your own research for what works best for you) and I thought... why not make a "poor man's" version of the body by vi program?

So... I have been mixing 2 scoops of the vanilla biochem protein powder (which has 20g protein!) with 1 tsp psyllium husk powder (for fiber), 1 cup dairy milk (you can use almond or coconut milk as well I'm sure), and 1/2 cup water (OR 1/2 - 1 cup ice if you're blending it). I don't mind the taste that way (the protein powder gives it a mild vanilla flavor), but I've also been using "recipe" ideas for the body by vi shakes and sometimes add 2 Tbsp of sugar free, fat free instant pudding mix for "dessert" flavors (I'm loving butterscotch, and cheesecake with sugar free caramel so far!). I'd imagine you could add fruit and such, but I haven't got that far yet. :)

I make sure to drink lots of water and I've just been eating healthy snacks between shakes whenever I get hungry, then making a well-rounded, healthy dinner. The first day I wasn't hungry at all, the 2nd and third day I was hungrier between shakes so I snacked on raw veggies or fruit, then the 4th day I didn't feel hungry between shakes, so just listen to your body and have a healthy snack if you're hungry! I am not counting calories, but am eating clean and healthy as possible.

I did suffer what I imagine was caffeine withdrawal on days 2 and 3 (tension headache, tiredness), but made it through and feel much better. I'm also noticing some almost "cleanse-like" benefits, but that's another topic for elsewhere... *ahem* Oh, and I did experience a lot of bloating and some gas on days 2 & 3, but I think that was because I added too much fiber too fast (I added it in the shakes AND ate a lot of veggies including broccoli). I'd probably do 1/2 tsp of the fiber in the shakes and gradually increase up to the 1 tsp in each shake over a week or so.

Sorry I don't have any final results yet, but I'll try to remember to post how things go. I'm planning to keep this up for a least a few weeks, and if I do I'll post my results (good or bad). Good luck to anyone else trying the program. :)

LDEES84 Posts: 3
8/5/13 6:54 P

I used Body By Vi shakes to help with my weightloss. I know they are not the only way to lose weight, but they are a tool that I use so I do not have to think about the first meal of the day. I either have a shake every morning and soup for lunch and a shake for a snack and a sensible dinner, or I substitute a Nutra Cookie instead of a shake. I can't wait to get the Vi Crunch and I will have another choice for my meal replacement.

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5/25/13 5:54 P

I'm new to this site and to the VI shakes, I'm due to start on Monday.
I just wanted some helpful tints, ideas made really easy.
The main thing i would like to know is How many calories should I have including the shakes?
Can I make the shakes in advance-the day before? I work long days and sleep ins at work and don't want to be preparing them there?
What sort of snacks can I have, what are better to sustain hunger?
I am doing the 90 day challenge and aim to lose 32lb I total.
Any hell would be much appreciated x

THINKINGTHINNOW SparkPoints: (3,357)
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4/1/13 12:51 P

I was all ready to pick up a 3 pack of shakes for $100 from a girl on Craigslist that is no longer doing the challenge. And thought I would look into the products a little more before doing so. I came across this great article and I"m glad I did. I really don't want to put crap in my body and I feel it would be much more beneficial to just make my own smoothies with yogurt milk fresh fruit and then I can add my own oils my choice coconut oil and spinach too. I still agree if you are eating huge calorie meals or meals that aren't nutritious to begin with then this might be a great way to get motivated to loose weight and get on track. For me I really try to avoid GMO products and would rather get my calories from whole foods.

Not to put anyone down for using this and I know it really does taste wonderful but for any of you interested heres the article if you want to read it.

3/30/13 4:46 P

Hello, I just started this program today and am looking for some support. The shakes are delicious, but i'm not sure how my meal plan should be.. suggestions? or links? Thanks!

LDITTO010 Posts: 2
3/25/13 10:03 A

I have been on this for 4 days now and it is now my fifth day. I absolutely love this product. I have so much more energy that i ever have and I really don't go hungry. Best thing is that I don't have cravings as I usually do whenever I diet. So far being on "Vi" I have lost 5 lbs in four days.

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3/25/13 8:23 A

I ordered my transformation kit yesterday. Can't wait to get it and get this started!

1/28/13 7:43 P

I'm at the end of my first day of my Trial one month Body By Vi challenge...if in 2 weeks I see a significant (as in more than regular dieting) I'll order another month.

I made myself a butterfinger shake for breakfast (yum!) and a chocolate Raspberry Truffle shake for lunch. Snack was a cafe mocha another snack was special K and almond milk and dinner was a tuna sandwich with celery sticks on the side. All for under 1600 calories.

You are suppose (from my research anyway...correct me if Im wrong) to have:

shake 300
shake 300
snack 200
snack 200
Dinner 500

So Im over by 100....but my goal this week was 1600 and next go down to 1500....because I had been doing 2200.

I love all the options for shakes, wow!

1/27/13 10:27 P

I bought a transformation kit off of ebay, wanting to avoid the whole autoship thing..... I got the whole kit including delivery for 209$ great deal!

I start tomorrow!

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1/27/13 3:46 P

Hey Cenola I don't know if you've started bodybyvi or not but it is definitely worth it!

M_LOGA57 Posts: 1
1/25/13 2:21 P

Hello :)
Wasn't sure if you were aware but when you order from a promoter you get your own web page and are in full control of your autoship. I fully understand what your talking about with the whole auto ship thing since I had issues with other companys in the past but that is not the case with Visalus.
I hope you are still doing well with your goals, Have a great day :)

MSILVER94 Posts: 1,727
8/12/12 8:39 A

Cenola: you can go to my page and view the body by vi team I joined where you will hear a lot of people reviewing the product and talking about their experiences. If you have further interest you can visit the link below. I also wrote a blog about it. The shake is low in sugar, carbs, calories and sodium. It is high in fiber and provides 30% of your daily value of a long list of nutrients in just one shake. When using the shake, I'd do what ever formula works best for you. It is a quick breakfast or after workout snack for me.

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LACEY856 Posts: 1
8/9/12 4:29 P

I am currently on this body by vi challenge. I needed a boost to help me start losing again (at a stand still and slowly creeping back up for the past year). I like eating actual food and that's a problem with this program but I have managed to get over that with fresh fruit and vegetables I have only been on this for 2 weeks, so no huge results yet. I have also been stressing over finals and other things so i haven't been exercising or eating healthy at all. As things progress I will update.
But if anyone wants to join me on this challenge you can at

JHENZE44 Posts: 115
8/5/12 1:21 P

Below is from the Visalus website. It is a comparison between the Vi Shape Mix and the other competitors in meal replacement shakes.

8/2/12 4:00 P

How is this any diffident then slim fast?

8/1/12 1:54 P

I have tried it - I bought mine off of Amazon because I didnt want the harassment that came from auto-ship and all that bologna. I lost 12 lbs in the 2 weeks that I really stuck with it and counted my calories. I am in the midst of week 4 and have not to stuck to the regimen as I should due to some things going on personally.

I found that the longer I was on it I had to make myself eat the appropriate amount of calories. So for me it has worked and when I was only doing 1 shake per day I really did maintain my loss. I am currently -11.2 lbs.

CENOLA Posts: 330
8/1/12 1:40 P

i am considering this, but id like to hear some more reviews from ppl that have tried it

DESERT_DAISY SparkPoints: (0)
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7/31/12 12:04 A

I tried Body by Vi. What I liked about it was that I didn't have to "plan" breakfast. I just threw everything in the blender and sipped on my way to work. I enjoyed the flavor, and found the combinations of fruits, vegetables, and "milks" were endless. Also, I was not at all hungry...sometimes even forcing a snack before lunch, such as an orange or apple. I COULD NOT drink two a day, however, because the gas was unbearable and embarrassing. With one shake, I was fine, but with the second came trouble. I cancelled my automatic shipment and now only use when I need a breakfast on the run. To be fair, I must disclose that my colleagues that were using this at the same time as me did not suffer from the same side effect

JENNIKU807 Posts: 118
7/29/12 5:24 P

I should have posted this a long time ago - but better late than never, right?

I didn't last long on the Body By Vi shakes. The reviews don't lie, they ARE delicious - but I myself found that I missed food too much. I was doing the 2 shakes/day (breakfast & lunch) with two scoops of shake mix blended with almond milk. Even though both the shake mix and the almond milk claimed to be lactose-free, I found that I had a LOT of gas in the 4 or 5 days I was taking the shakes. It didn't stink, but it seemed constant and that was annoying.

The first few days on the shake were tough on the hunger. You're supposed to have a shake for meal, then a snack, another shake, snack, then sensible meal. I found that I was OBSESSED about food waiting for the next time I was "allowed" to eat. Somewhere on the 4th day I decided that I couldn't handle such dietary restrictions and gave up on it, knowing I wasn't going to be able to stick with it in the long run (which is what the program is based on) My colleague finished off the bag for me and I have no regrets.

It's funny though, some people really swear by it and I know quite a few who've stuck with it for the long term and lost a signifigant amount of weight. And I agree - everyone's who's posted an "unbiased" review of the products always seems a little too enthusiastic and optimistic for comfort. I didn't lose a single ounce because I didn't stick with it for long, and I've really been questioning whether it really is a "miracle" product or if people only lose weight because of the reduced calorie intake. And what happens to the ones who suddenly decide to stop the program and go back to regular eating - I wonder if they manage to keep the weight off or if it's a shock to the body to return to "normal" food? I looked high and low for those kinds of reviews and came up empty-handed as well.

I couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life committed to drinking shakes instead of eating real food. Body By Vi just wasn't for me, but I'm glad I had a change to give it a try risk-free.

EILEENVIELE SparkPoints: (0)
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7/11/12 1:05 P

I also do not sell Visalis...but when I find an item that I love (or do not love) I feel the need to let others know...what is better than honest people telling the truth??

Try adding things to the shake adds substance and nutrients...fruit is great (I mix the skim milk and the fruit, then strain to get the seeds out!) Peanut butter, flavorings, dry pudding mixes, SUGAR FREE Lemonade powder!! (Think Lemonade Coolatta)...My favorite is a 9.5oz bottle of Starbucks LITE Mocha Frappucino (think mocha frappe) I have my morning shake at 9am and not hungry til 1pm. I have had friends level out their diabetes with these shakes... I no longer have the afternoon "blood sugar nap" feeling. It takes a few days, but you will no longer crave carbs, sweets, etc...The ONE or two days a month that I do crave something sweet in the evenings, I make a simple shake and I'm all good. I do like these shakes, and miss them when I don't have them!

7/6/12 11:00 A

Just want to let everyone know whos been posting on this, i am 2 weeks from the end of my 90 day challenge and ive lost 26lbs!! And 13 inches overall!

7/6/12 10:14 A

Getting ready to try this - it is running rampant where we live. I ordered my 2 bags from Amazon for $80. Can you update us on how your experiment is going?

5/21/12 3:42 P

I didn't see any more posts on your experiment. How did it come out?

JSTHOMAS0071 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/17/12 10:52 P

i work in health care and am super busy!! However, i did recently find a solution. I've never been big on meal replacement shakes but i recently cam acroos the Vi-Shape shake. These are AMAZING! You can literally create any flavor you want, not to mention the protien and the nutrition its packed with.

I started out replacing two meal per day with these shakes. Mainly breakfast and lunch, since i work nights. Then i would eat a snack mid morning and mid afternoon the eat just about whatever for dinner! In the first month i managed to lose over 12 pounds and a total of 12". I just found out that the "transformation kit" they sell is the same set of supplements they use on the "biggest loser" they do have other affordable kits! I started with the "shape kit" it gave me 60 shakes for 30 days. Less than $2.50 a meal which is great compared to the $8 i was spending eating out per meal.

I really encourage you to check it out. They have a few videos on the website to help you learn more. Here is the site i went too.

Good luck!

Oh and there are hundreds of websites and facebook groups devoted to Vi Shake recipes!
Highley recommed the "oreo vi shake or the butterfinger vi shake"

4/26/12 3:53 P

I watched my friend DROP inches and pounds on this! I started on monday and I feel great and Ive already lost 6lbs... I LOVE this stuff!

4/19/12 9:19 A

I'm also really curious how this went. I have a friend on facebook selling this stuff. He has had really great results, but I've read some not so great things too.

CERAFIT Posts: 3
4/18/12 11:57 A

How is this going for you now? I have a lot of friends that are doing this and love it.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,104
3/5/12 8:02 P

Don't quit.

JENNIKU807 Posts: 118
3/5/12 1:32 P

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT promoting, recommending, or selling these products. Anything I write here is for information purposes ONLY and should not be interpreted as suggestion to try the products. This is my own personal experience documented for my own reference and those interested in reading. I am not and nor do I claim to know the short- or long-term implications of using these products. Do your research and consult with a medical professional before you decide to make any changes to your diet/exercise program!

I'd been curious about the Body By Vi product line for a while now - it seemed to get a level of attention that seems unrealistic for most meal replacement/weight loss supplements. However, someone always seemed to be hosting a party centered around the products and I keep hearing stories about friends of friends taking the products and have been hugely successful in their weight loss efforts.

I'm skeptical. How can drinking a milkshake instead of eating a meal be good for you? Drastically reducing your calorie intake puts your body into starvation mode... but why do so many people rant and rave about how awesome Body By Vi is and how much it's changed their lives? My curiosity was piqued about this apparently 'miracle' product, wondering what's so great about it and whether it actually works - but I wasn't willing to commit to signing up to have the products shipped to me. I refused to hand out my credit card or contact information for a product that I don't get a chance to try out for myself first.

When someone posted an ad on Kijiji (free advertisement site) that they were clearing their Body By Vi overstock, I decided to go for it. A straightforward person-to-person cash transaction where no contact or financial information exchanged. The only information she has about me is my email address, and aside emailing me a list of shake recipes this morning, she hasn’t contacted me.

Those ordering directly through the Body By Vi site pay $99 (plus shipping and handling) for two bags of shake mix (30 meals per bag; two months’ worth if replacing two meals a day) and ten flavor mix-in packets. They charge your credit card and auto-ship the products to you every two months.

I spent $60 for one bag of shake mix (30 meals), five flavor mix-in packets (2 strawberry, 3 chocolate). She also gave me a Body By Vi information package and progress tracker booklet. Even though I paid a little extra for doing things off-the-record this way, the fact that I have no ongoing financial obligations, no salespeople breathing down my neck, and I can start/stop taking the products whenever I damn well please makes this experimental trial worth the extra couple bucks.

And so began my off-the-record 30-day trial of the Vi-Shape shakes.

Quick summary of the Body By Vi program: to lose weight, replace two meals a day with the shakes (two scoops of mix blended with milk/juice/your choice of fluid), have a snack between meals/shakes, and have a sensible meal. To maintain weight, replace one meal with a shake. Snacking in between keeps your calorie intake at a reasonable level so you’re not starving yourself. Pretty straightforward. I’m replacing two meals a day with the shakes.

The taste test.
The reports don’t lie – it really does smell and taste fantastic. It claims to be “the shake mix that taste like cake mix” – and it’s true. I’m using almond in my shakes as opposed to the fat-free or soy milk they suggest, because even though I don’t think I’m lactose INTOLERANT, per se, I don’t handle it well (it gives me really stinky gas).

Starting weight: 199.2 lbs
Chest: 39”
Waist: 35”
Hips: 45”

DAY 1: Saturday, March 3
Breakfast: 12 oz vanilla almond milk +shake mix
Snack: Gala apple, black coffee
Lunch: 12oz chocolate almond milk +shake mix
Snack 2: Gala apple, black coffee
Dinner: Vegetable stir-fry with white rice
No exercise

At 7AM, the morning shake was delicious – I felt like I was having dessert for breakfast. However, I had my doubts; it didn’t seem like it was going to be enough to sustain me for the morning, even though I planned on having an apple as my mid-morning snack. By 9:30AM my tummy was getting grumbly. I had my apple at 10:30 and my lunch shake around 11:45. Another apple around 2:30ish and dinner at 6. I had a bit of stinky gas at the end of the day but couldn’t figure out whether it was because of the shakes or the spicy sauce in the stir-fry.

DAY2: Sunday, March 4
Breakfast: 12oz vanilla almond milk +shake mix, strawberry flavor mix-in
Snack: Gala apple, black coffee
Lunch: 12oz chocolate almond milk +shake mix
Snack: Too many to list (mostly junk) – cashews, chocolate-covered almonds, blue whale gummies, Cadbury mini-eggs, honey roasted mixed nuts, carrots, celery, cucumber, white wine
Dinner: Leftover vegetable stir-fry with white rice
No exercise

Slept okay. In the morning, I found the strawberry flavor mix-in in my morning shake to be a little too sweet and left a lingering artificial taste in my mouth – I don’t like it. Being at home all morning, I felt more tempted to snack unnecessarily (drinking a shake isn’t as physically satisfying as eating) but I held my ground. Apple snack, shake lunch, and then I visited a friend in the afternoon and undoubtably went way over the calories that my shakes/meal alone were going to give me – oh well.

DAY 3: Monday, March 5
Breakfast: 12oz vanilla almond milk +shake mix
Snack: Gala apple, green tea
Lunch: 12oz chocolate almond milk +shake mix
Snack: Banana, tea

I don’t feel as hungry today following my morning shake as I had for the first two days. Whether it’s because I’m still digesting food from yesterday or the shakes are actually starting to keep me feeling full, I’m not sure. I do find that I kind of miss the act of eating, though. Even though the shakes taste great, there’s something about chewing and swallowing that makes it feel like an actual meal. Experiencing some mental hunger but my body isn’t screaming at me that it needs sustenance. I’ll probably try exercising tonight to see what happens. Does a body on Body By Vi shakes perform differently? I guess we’ll see!

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