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4/28/09 6:24 A

Barbie vitamins !!! LOL - that was my laugh for the day !!

Thanks Anarie - barbie vitamins, love it !

and thanks Dietician Becky - good to know so we don't waste money !

ANARIE Posts: 13,185
4/28/09 2:16 A

Biggest Loser protein powder is like Barbie vitamins. They put the name and photo on the product to get you to buy it, but what's inside the package is no different from any other vitamin (or protein powder.) If you need a protein supplement and the Biggest Loser brand intrigues you, read the label really carefully and you can probably find out who makes it. In fact, there's a really high chance that you can find the EXACT same product without the BL name on it, right next to it in the same store at half the price.

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4/27/09 10:36 P

I eat a scoop of protein powder with my cheerios in the morning.

GWALKER76 Posts: 76
4/27/09 8:27 P

like all other nutrients you are probably best to get it for whole foods....

THEGR8TDRAKE Posts: 1,083
4/27/09 7:14 P

If you do use it, don't use the BL line. It is WAY over priced!

JENUM1179 Posts: 285
4/27/09 5:58 P

Thanks for the info...I won't waste my money

4/27/09 5:32 P

Check your SP protein range, are the foods you are eating putting you in this range??

If so, don't waste your money on a supplement.

Becky, Your SP dietitian

CLIMBERCHICK14 Posts: 11,246
4/27/09 5:17 P

I use whey protein powder occasionally after a workout. I make berry smoothies with it. I love EAS Vanilla Whey protein. Personally, I've tried the protein powder endorsed by The Biggest Loser and found it repulsing.

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4/27/09 5:10 P

What is this about? Does it help? I saw in the last episode I watched that Bob said you can put it in water, juice or yogurt?

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