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One can lose weight in the ab area, but not just by exercise as lots of the folks here are saying. It is a combination of caloric deficit, weight training, and cardio training. There is one particular page I really like on Facebook called "The Fighter Diet." Pauline is the creator and she used to be slim, but not really with much muscle. Now, she is quite ripped! It's amazing. It was a journey for her, but overtime she achieved her goal and looks amazing. Feel free to check it out for encouragement if you'd like.

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2/24/13 10:55 A

As the previous posters have stated, exercise really doesn't contribute directly to flat abs, in spite of doing exercises to target an area. In fact, it's very difficult to target a specific portion of your abs; it's all one big muscle group, and you can't work the "lower" and "upper" abs in isolation anyway.

Most women tend to hold a little fat there. Where you lose it from is largely determined by genetics; to be honest, most of us will never have the low body fat percentage you need for the "ripped" look.

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2/24/13 7:08 A


I agree with the previous poster. Fat loss happens wherever your body chooses- you can't pick specific areas to target with exercises.

Coach Jen

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Burning fat is an all-body process, and you can't target where you lose weight from. Energy is delivered to the muscles via the bloodstream, NOT from being absorbed from surrounding fat stores. All the abdominal exercises in the world will not reduce fat stored there.

What you can do is to continue to reduce your overall body fat through a combination of cardio, all-body strength training and watching your intake, and some of it will naturally come off the belly.

Oh, and the abs are just one big muscle. Take a look at
. There's no such thing as "lower abs".


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Britt Kiki,

I know some exercises that have worked for me, but I don't know what their "official names" are:

What I call:

Knee & Elbows Prone Wedge:

Lay prone on a mat. Raise your upper body so that your elbows and hands are resting on the floor. For the lower body, have your knees touching. You are now supported by your knees and elbows.You can increase difficulty by:

* stretching the distance between knees and elbows
* "sucking" (tightening) your abs in more
* increasing the amount of time you spend in the wedge position
* increasing the number of sets

I space the sets out among other abdominal and stretching exercises.

I worked my way up to 60 second intervals and five sets in an exercise routine that has more than 20 other sets.

Back Low Abs crunch, Bent Knee Foot Raise and Touch:

Lay on your back on the mat. For each rep:

- raise one foot and bring that knee towards your head, creating a crunch with only the lower body moving
- then raise the other foot/legs, without letting the first one down, in the same way
- then lower the first leg to its original position gently touching the toe to the mat and then raising it about 1" off the floor (no bouncing) & hold
- repeat with the other leg

The above four steps represent one 4-step rep. you can increase difficulty by:

* increasing the number of counts you hold each crunch ("1-1000" will be plenty to begin)
* increasing the number of reps
* increasing the number of sets

I space the sets out among other abdominal and stretching exercises.

Slow is the pace, always.

These were prescribed for me by my physical therapist because I have a bad back, and had weak lower abs. They have done wonders for me.

I hope the explanation was at all understandable. You might also want to ask Coach Nicole. She might know what to call these and have better instructions, pictures, animations (GIFs), or videos, or completely different advice.

I am perhaps not fit; but a heckuva lot fitter after doing these for 60 weeks at least five days per week. BTW, at first I found these and the other exercises I do a chore. Now, they absolutely improve my day.

Consistency and progress -- our most important statuses.


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2/24/13 1:28 A

Any suggestions? I seem to have the problem of having flat abs near my ribs and then my lower stomach and sides has all the fat! I've done leg lifts before (but never long enough or being motivated enough) but never stuck too it. But I've heard others things work. I know a lot of the lower abs are your diet but also exercise contributes to it as well. So if anyone has anything that would help me that would be great!

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