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8/14/13 8:07 A

My best shortcut to weight loss ever was the realization that there are no shortcuts.

It took me about 18 years of losing, plateauing, gaining a little, losing, plateauing, etc., trying everything and learning everything about how my body and mind process weight and fitness and that loss/maintenance of a major amount of weight is a lifetime journey that is joyful and my gift to me.

My best weight loss secret tip is that there are no shortcuts, eat less, move more.

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8/14/13 7:51 A

Best thing I did was to go to a Sports Nutritionalist to get my BMR calculated....this told me the number of calories I needed when working out at various levels as well as when I was at rest. I was also given the breakdown of Protein, Carb and Fat for my body type and the amount of exercise that I do on a daily basis. All for a mere $ money I ever spent.

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8/14/13 7:47 A

Yes sir!

I used that very same shortcut; hard work, diligence, determination and getting back up and pushing harder through every setback and obstacle.

Lost a total of 58 lbs in 7-8 months and completely changed my body composition. Got super fit, strong and defined in just that short amount of time. Went from frumpy mom to super mom with much gratitude to Sparkpeople, its experts and members.

I don't put much stake in Macros, just ensure I get adequate protein for muscle repair, enough carbs to fend of fatigue and provide optimal energy and enough fats to keep satiated. I just listen to what my body wants and found a groove where I feel at my performance peak. Which for me, usually works out to a 40-30-30 breakdown but I don't restrict myself to that breakdown. As long as what makes up those macros comes from mainly healthy sources; nutrient dense/clean/whole etc.

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8/14/13 3:35 A

Same here, except for counting macro nutrients. I was injured several months ago and unable to exercise to the same degree. Along with some weight I had already gained, I put on even more. I'm finally ready to get back to my ideal weight. It can be challenging no matter how much one needs to lose.

8/8/13 7:52 A

Mine was finding out what weight I wanted to be (realistically) then setting a goal then counting calories at the range I had set (including macro nutrients), and regular exercise and in my case it was weightlifting.

It was pretty fast in my opinion about 2 years to get at a healthy weight. Not too bad of a plan and it was the best shortcut ever.



In a mere 2+ years!

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