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That was a first!

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SparkPoints: (18,040)
Fitness Minutes: (19,876)
Posts: 541
2/23/13 12:13 P

I just tried the weight watchers kick boxing DVD, I really like it.

SparkPoints: (4,850)
Fitness Minutes: (2,033)
Posts: 155
2/23/13 12:07 P

started walking a mile in the community pool in a river... 70 laps... now several times a week. I never did this before... love it.

SparkPoints: (101,509)
Fitness Minutes: (76,885)
Posts: 2,953
2/23/13 11:46 A

First for me - running uphill during a snowstorm in -12 weather and I actually liked it!

Posts: 2,871
2/23/13 10:58 A

I say have fun and loose the stress of day to day routine. Have fun with the kids they grow so fast.

Posts: 1,253
2/23/13 10:47 A

A new first for me last night - went to a restaurant that served a pasta bar - food came to the table piping hot - loved the food

SparkPoints: (219,782)
Fitness Minutes: (196,120)
Posts: 6,861
2/23/13 12:08 A

Don't worry about it; just have FUN!!!!

SparkPoints: (59,534)
Fitness Minutes: (34,361)
Posts: 6,094
2/22/13 10:39 P

Pathetic? Not at all! Congratulations, in fact, for showing lots of signs that you're succeeding in gradually molding your mindset to accept the kind of healthy behavior - exercise, even on vacation - that's guaranteed to help get - and keep - you a healthier version of yourself! Naw...I'd say this calls for a big ol' pat on the back for you! emoticon

Posts: 11,846
2/22/13 6:11 P

pathetic? no, you're not pathetic. exercise is in fact good for your body, that would be the point. it doesn't stop being good for you just because you're on vacation. wanting to keep up with it on vacation is a fine habit to be in. and certainly not pathetic.

SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
2/22/13 2:02 P

emoticon Thanks for sharing. Have a great time!

Posts: 1,283
2/22/13 1:59 P

I think that is great that you are getting into the mindset of being healthy and that you are committed to workout even when you are not home. There is NOTHING wrong with that, I applaud you. Stay healthy, focused and committed - you are definetely on your way. emoticon

Posts: 1,506
2/22/13 1:07 P

I think it just shows it's becoming a way of life for you now, not just something you feel like you have to do. That's awesome! emoticon

Posts: 595
2/22/13 1:07 P

Probably good that you are at least concerned about it but you already said you will be careful about your portions and if you are at a waterpark chances are you will be climbing a lot of stairs to go down all those slides!! Have fun and enjoy! emoticon

Posts: 5,070
2/22/13 12:35 P

no. your values are changing. You are seeing the healthy journey you are on as important and exercise is something that you are doing to achieve that lifestyle. Whether you actually use it or not will be the question, but i also watch what I eat and get my exercise in when on mini vacays as well.

Posts: 151
2/22/13 12:02 P

We are going to the Dells for the weekend to a waterpark! Me, my husband and our two daughters (ages 4 and 1). So excited to blow off steam, no calorie counting (still small portions and healthier choices) and just RELAX. I know I will get a lot of cardio chasing my daughters and swimming so Is it pathedic I asked to make sure they have agym at the resort? Lol. I used to laugh when I walked by gyms at resorts and thought "Whats the point? We are here to have fun!" and I likely won't have time for it anyway. Is it pathedic that i'm worried about getting exercise in on a mini vaycay?

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