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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
11/2/12 8:16 A

have you made lifestyle menu changes; or have your considered this a "fix till I get to goal"?

If the second is true, it is no wonder you are reverting to old habits.
If the first is true, there is no reason to deprive yourself of anything in reasonable quantities, and then you will see this as something you can maintain for life - regardless of when you hit a plateau

23KAIYA Posts: 4,935
11/1/12 6:02 P

Does the slip start at the same weight every time? Do you have the all or nothing troubles? Does the plateau start the same way every time?
If you notice the first or second slip as you head to the plateau, can you halt it there? I would suggest you have a plan set. If you slip in nutrition, if you slip in fitness, etc. Get your support group in place as well.
Best wishes!

11/1/12 4:51 P

I just need some help in getting through this same old plateau. Everytime i start Sparkpeople, i am really motivated and stay with the plan for about a month or two; it seems as soon as i lose a few pounds and start looking somewhat acceptable to myself again, i reach this wall at about 50% where i gradually begin to reclaim old habits and after a few weeks i have gained back all the weight it took me over 2 months to take off! I know in my head what is happening, and i try to use self talk, etc, but its like my body goes into auto mode and rejects all my positive thoughts. Can anyone help me get over this hump and finally succeed in reaching my goal????

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