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4/10/13 12:38 P

What an awesome compliment! Good husband!

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4/10/13 10:46 A

I've shared my two favorite before, but here it goes:

1) I was walking one direction, a young mom (complete stranger) pushing a stroller was walking toward me. (I wasn't exercising, simply walking to my destination). When our paths crossed she said, "You're beautiful."

2) A slight acquaintance who hadn't seen me in months said, " I don't know if you have a daughter, but you look just like her."

Those two comments alone add up to a Mt. Everest of Motivation.

Spark On!

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4/9/13 2:42 P

The other day my guy friend told me he could definitely tell a difference in my body. He hasn't seen me since I started my weight loss journey. Made me feel like a million bucks! Those kind of comments really do keep you motivated!

GORIANA Posts: 4,409
4/9/13 9:47 A

Awesome! Lately there is a girl at work that keeps calling me skinny. And my honey greats me with "Hello beautiful." I love the complements!

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4/9/13 8:38 A

Thanks for sharing! It's great to hear everybody's comments that keep them motivated.

emoticon everybody!

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4/9/13 8:31 A


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4/8/13 10:08 P

Yesterday, one of my best friends "read matchmaker" treated me to coffee to meet her "male" coworker. And in front of him she said I kicked a$$ in the health and weight department. Man that felt good to hear. emoticon

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4/8/13 8:08 P


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4/8/13 6:53 P

The other night my husband told me that my thighs were definitely smaller than they had ever been since we met. What woman doesn't LOVE hearing that! emoticon

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4/8/13 6:06 P

Woo excellent! You're obviously working hard!

I tried on a dress in monsoon for a wedding, and the shop assistant looked at me and said I DEFINATLEY needed a smaller size.

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4/8/13 1:09 P

Yesterday my BF said to me that he has noticed that my rear was much firmer & looked great! Lets just say I ran a 5K later that day. woooohoooo, just the motivation I needed to keep on pushing through. Any comments or ah-ha moments that keep you working towards your goals?

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