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NICK3RD Posts: 7,152
11/25/12 2:16 P

what fun

SARIMILL Posts: 35
11/24/12 10:23 A

I like this it makes perfect since to me. We have a carry in dinner the Sunday before Thanksgiving and everyone brings in something and the Pastor's wife always cooks a big Turkey and alot of other dishes. We have a very small church less than twenty now. And then on Thanksgiving my sister always has Thanksgiving at her house for a small family thanksgiving and she invites a couple of her friends. But I ate too much this year I actually got stuffed.

11/24/12 2:22 A

That sounds a lot like my thanksgiving! I had two this year! I started off with a mission to stay in my calorie range and still have a great day!

But I'm sad to say by 3 in the afternoon I was so tired and stressed out that I took a "break" for the rest of the day! I still don't know if I went over, but I ate so much that night and stayed up so late I don't know if there is anyway I didn't go over!

I did do good with no sweets though!!! And deffinently the holidays are the hardest for healthy activists!!

TONKS1313 SparkPoints: (5,122)
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11/24/12 12:36 A

*~ Thank you all for your posts they helped a lot! ~*
Thanksgiving, even tho it was crazy busy, went really well. I was able to have a little bit at each place and mostly had veggies and didnt snack also had water! :-) No weight gain and I worked out before we went to all of the meals! :-) And no one was pushing into eating but saying how good I look and wondering how I was doing it. I said working out 30+ mins a day and watching my calories and that I am getting good calories. :-) Almost to my goal weight I cant wait!

*~And Thank you all again! Sparkpeople has really been able to help me through this! I am finally making this a life style change not a diet or a fad! :-) YAY to all of us!

YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (94,861)
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11/21/12 10:15 A

For me, I take a day off for Thanksgiving (and all the other holidays) and just enjoy myself. My goal is to not get to the overly stuffed stage where I feel miserable.
Remember this is a lifestyle change, no deprivation required!

11/21/12 9:48 A

I've dealt with this in the past (FIVE HOUSES on Christmas Day)! Though I did not realize it until after the fact - good for you for dealing with it in advance.

If you feel comfortable, please do let the host/hostess know that you are careful with what you eat - I have learned to rephrase saying that I have to be careful with what I eat for my health...that some foods just don't react the way they used to. That seems to be easier for people to understand and give you less flack for when you saying you are watching what you eat since you are trying to lose weight. And the last thing you need on a day with three stops and three "meals" is flack.

I think exercising before is a great idea. I know I get tired if we make more than one stop - and that being tired by the last stop made it that much more difficult to pass up the sweets and comfort foods. Just pay attention to how you are feeling and make adjustments that make sense for you. Hope the day ends up wonderful for you.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/21/12 8:55 A

I agree with EWL. No one said that you had to eat at each place. Good luck staying within 1200 calories. I was never able to do it so i actually stopped trying. One meal or one day is not going to throw me off track and it shouldn't do it to you either. maybe treat them as three small meals. maybe fill your plate with salad. It will be harder if they are treated as formal sit down meals to sit at the table with everyone and not be eating. Would be much easier if it is a buffet style because you can walk around with a plate full of veggies and fruit. maybe some crackers and hummus or spread.

Good luck. Wish you well.

TONKS1313 SparkPoints: (5,122)
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11/21/12 12:40 A

Thank you! I will keep ya posted for sure!

We would love to have the Holidays at our place right now its too small for everyone but in a few years hopefully we can get a bigger home with more room to entertain so we can do that. I am dreaming of that day lol :-)

EWL978 Posts: 2,021
11/20/12 11:24 P

I think it's got to be one of the toughest things in a marriage, never mind in a diet, to feel as though you HAVE to make other people in your family and friends happy at the expense of your health and sanity. I KNOW!! I've been there.

I can tell you what my grandson & his wife have done...they have made Thanksgiving a day at their home and everyone is invited...his family, her family and various friends.... They don't cook everything's more of a bring something to the party idea...but we all get together and it serves a great purpose and everyone seems to love it as they feel we don't see each other that much otherwise.

Whatever you do, DON'T eat where you go....I would even go so far as to suggest that you make a couple of phone calls...and tell the hostess at each one of them your situation and that you really want to see everyone and you really desire to join in the festivities, but you won't be able to eat and if they feel that it will put a damper on their parade, so be it....that will give you more time at Mom's.

I say that because I can only imagine how it would be at the table if you sit there and pick at the turkey and refuse everything else. Saying that you're on a diet does't seem to make it at that time, other than for everyone to spout their opinion, which I know you really don't want to hear.

Keep me posted??

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TONKS1313 SparkPoints: (5,122)
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11/20/12 11:11 P

Hey All I am kinda having an issue with Thanksgiving, we are both lucky and cursed that all of my family and my husbands are in town. So that means 3 yes I said 3 thanksgivings. I dont want to be rude and not eat at someones house but at the same time I want to stay at 1200 calories that day. Also, guess it is just growing up with my moms cooking, it is my FAVORITE! We will be I there at 2. I plan on working out before we go anywhere and when we get back but I am just nervous. Should I just not eat at the other 2 places?!?!?!? Or I was thinking of having a small piece of Turkey at each place and some veggies. And maybe just one dessert at my moms. I am starting to hate the holidays.... I am doing so awesome right now and feeling great but last weekend I was at a friends birthday and there were sweets EVERYWHERE, I think that was the hardest thing that I have done since I have started this mission. Anyways... Any Ideas from anyone... HELPPPP

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