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11/23/12 12:06 A

Christmas Ideas.....

Take red and green peppers, cut off the top and take out all the seeds and veins. You now have Christmas-y cups for dips. Kids love dip. You can use fat free ranch or make your own fat free or low fat dip. Fill up the pepper cups and only serve red or green veggies for dipping.
Celery,broccoli, tomato, sliced red and green pepper strips, raw green beans, green zucchini cut into coins, cucumber, radishes etc etc

Make a batch of hot air popped corn. Spread onto a cookie sheet and sprinkle some red or green food coloring and mix well. Red and green popcorn !!! Kids can decorate a brown lunch bag and put their popcorn inside.

Kids can make their own small pizza. Buy whole wheat pizza dough. Give each kid a peice to make. Adding only low fat low cal yummy toppings. Sauce, low fat mozzarella and lots of cut up veggies. Add some Italian seasonings on top and bake!!

If you don't want to do pizza dough, buy some large whole wheat pita pockets. Cut in half so you have two circles. Add your toppings and broil for just a few minutes . It won't take long for the cheese to melt under the broiler.

Google any Christmas coloring book website and print some ornaments for the kids to color and take home. Supply tape, glue, crayons , a hole puncher and some string.

11/19/12 11:28 A

Great ideas!

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11/16/12 12:40 A

don't forget to make a healthy fruit dip to go with the fruit cornucopia. it is a special day and the treat should be extra special as well. there are several dips in the spark recipes. or go simple and just sprinkle some pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon into vanilla yogurt or blenderized cottage cheese.

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11/15/12 12:53 P

Thank you! Very cute ideas! I love the cornucopia idea! I think we will definitely do that! I can make a bid bowl of mixed fruit and then let them pick out what they want to put in their waffle cone! So excited! :)

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11/15/12 12:22 P

I've seen a few ideas for making turkeys out of fruits and veggies and other healthy foods...

or Cornucopia fruit salads using waffle cones

I also think if you get the kids involved with helping to prepare the food, they're more interested in eating it. They can do stuff like helping to stir things, older kids can peel potatoes, stuff like that. It might be a bit hard with 25 kids but maybe you could work out "kitchen shifts" or something.

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11/15/12 9:51 A

I am looking for fun Thanksgiving and Christmas food that kids would enjoy. I would like them to be healthy but have fun as well! I have seen a lot about the turkeys you make with candy and the pilgrim hats with reese cups, but what about the healthy things? Any ideas for both holidays would be appreciated! When I get together with my family we usually have about 25 kids there so I would like them to eat healthy like I am trying!

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