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FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
11/12/13 10:57 P

My dad was at Normandy WW2

ETHELMERZ SparkPoints: (205,395)
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11/12/13 8:55 P

We met some new veterans today, and thanked them, and they thanked my husband also. :)

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (476,203)
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11/12/13 7:45 P

I thanked my husband and my nephew!!!!

KDSTAP Posts: 664
11/12/13 6:56 P


BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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11/11/13 11:47 A

I thank my favourite veteran husband has been in the Navy 28 years and is now a Commander! My Dad was in the Navy for 33 years and has since passed but I left him a poppy on his grave today.

MMK113 SparkPoints: (17,685)
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11/11/13 10:14 A

Will do . If any read this message then know you are appreciated and I am grateful to you for your courage and your service.

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SUNSHINE99999 Posts: 14,629
11/11/13 9:43 A

It was tough as I had never been away from home before except for church camp. Thank you to all my brothers and sisters. emoticon

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
11/11/13 9:38 A

Our military men and women give so much and ask so little in return the sacrafices made are HUGE not only by them but their families who hold down the fort while they are away keeping us safe and free. So thank a Vet today it's the least we can do!
Enjoy your day!

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