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SONICB Posts: 4,375
8/31/13 7:30 P

There is a spicy shredded papaya salad (the name escapes me) that is SO good... but probably not something you want to get if you're watching your sodium intake.

URSULA745 Posts: 60
8/31/13 6:14 P

I always get red curry with tofu and brown rice instead of white. Also, basil tofu with brown rice is good.

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8/31/13 3:57 P

Asian food is usually pretty healthy, at least.. the authentic stuff. Vietnamese and Thai food involves lots of vegetables, fresh spices, not alot of meat. Of coarse in restaurants, it'll usually contain more salt/msg/etc. But I never get "food coma" from Asian food compared to when I eat American food. Too much salt usually makes me feel... blah. (but I love American food so much!) I usually go with Pad Thai, sometime with yellow curry, potatoes and chicken. Pineapple fried rice is pretty good too! To me they are all healthy because they're loaded with vegetables!

8/31/13 3:37 P

My local Thai place has tofu spring rolls that are delicious, not at all greasy, filled with veggies, and probably not too bad calorie wise. I do get green curry with tofu...which may have some of that dreaded coconut in it, but it's super good, and loaded with protein!

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8/31/13 3:33 P

Most Thai food is very healthy, but quite high in carbs because so many dishes have rice noodles of some sort or white rice.

My favorite dish is pat woo sen with tofu. It has glass noodles and sauce, plus lots of fresh veggies (carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes), scrambled eggs, tofu and fresh herbs like mint and basil. I also love salad rolls--the kind that are not fried.

If it were me, I would just eat very low carb early in the day and then enjoy your Thai meal without worrying too much. Another strategy would be to eat half of your meal and have the rest boxed up. I would not order Pad Thai because it is sweeter than most Thai food and the ratio of noodles to veggies is higher, so it is very high in carbs. Go with something more adventurous!

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8/31/13 2:39 P

OK, this article says I was wrong about pad thai, but I still think you could have worse things than pad thai. But this article will give you the complete low-down on thai food.

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8/31/13 2:36 P

Well, I love thai coconut red curry, but the "coconut" is a key word - meaning loaded with fat. Pad Thai is not terribly bad when it comes to nutrition/calories and has plenty of vegetables in it, and is also a milder dish that is good for beginners to the Thai cuisine.

They also have some pretty awesome STEAMED shrimp dumpling-type appetizers that are excellent, along with soups that are pretty healthy. So one option would be an appetizer like this with soup.

Make sure to check out the SparkPeople article/reference material on eating out for different kinds of cuisine. I'll go grab it and come back with the link for you, because it's truly helpful.

8/31/13 1:01 P

The guy I am seeing is taking me out for Thai food tonight. What are the healthiest options that are usually served at a Thai restaurant? I've never been to one before! emoticon

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