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9/30/12 11:50 A

Rigorous honesty is HUGE. The fact that you can bring this out shows you're in a good place. Thanks for setting an example there.

9/30/12 7:48 A

You know what, we all fall down. The question is if we get back up again? I had a terrible couple days. But that's it. I'm putting on the brakes and righting my course. You can too!

OMRANS Posts: 26
9/30/12 7:39 A

I was feeling the same way last week. I had missed out on the meal tracking, missed a few days of fitness, and generally was feeling depressed.

And then one evening I decided my next morning was going to be fresh. When morning came, I did what I should have, but not I wanted to. I was still feeling down but forced myself to stay positive. I did that for about a couple days. And now, for the past couple days, I feel like nothing happened. I feel good, motivated, disciplined as ever, and I'm just gonna keep on truckin'.

Keep your head up, and give yourself more credit for the good things you've done. Don't look back. Believe that you're still on track, and you will be. :)

MIAMIVT SparkPoints: (11,784)
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9/25/12 11:49 A

last week i was getting over a bum calf that i had injured while running. i didn't do any exercise and took the week off. i still tracked my meals and i hiked 8 miles on Saturday. I haven't run in 12 days which is the longest i've taken off. my motivation has suffered. i'm in the same boat. but this afternoon after work i'm going for a run. it should help.

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9/25/12 10:26 A

Power through man!

ERICWS SparkPoints: (8,307)
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9/25/12 10:19 A

Shake it off, don't look back, and you are on track! emoticon

NHOYLE1 Posts: 351
9/25/12 9:48 A

So the last week, I was pretty busy and pretty depressed feeling, and my workouts suffered. I hadn't logged my meals or exercised since the Saturday before last Saturday. I hadn't been able to play tennis with my brother due to our schedules and some inopportune rain. I ate more fast food- though still not a lot, but enough to have thrown my diet off.

The only things I maintained were my soda ban- I had half a coke one of those days, but immediately threw the other half away in an attempt to get back on track. I am pretty proud I was able to do that.

Here's to a new beginning and getting back on track. I had my healthy breakfast this morning, and last night I did the exercise bike for the first time over a week. I'm still in an awful mood, and I can't seem to shake that, but my goal today is to get it back to my previous discipline.

Thanks for listening.

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