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3/2/14 12:06 P

Thank you, Dottie Jean. 80 lbs is amazing and inspirational!

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3/2/14 11:17 A

Am sending you Sparks mail .

BEKESGIRL SparkPoints: (1,334)
Fitness Minutes: (31)
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3/2/14 10:41 A

Hi, I'm listing the symptoms that still have not stopped me from hurting myself with food. 150 lbs overweight, labored breathing even sitting still, pinching sensations in my chest, yeast infections below my breast, under belly fat, sleep apnea, painful to climb stairs, depression, hopelessness, self induced isolation and thus loneliness, pretending everything is ok, swollen joints, puffy face, double chins, having to "roll up and out of car" and off of sofa, needing extension seat belt on plane, size 3X is tight, avoiding booth style seats at restaurants, often needing to push restaurant tables around to fit in seat, pre diabetic, barely making it to work, wishing I could just give up.

I started tracking my food yesterday and saw how I'm eating an extra pound producing amount of calories. Yet, the sense of "whatever" is still here. So for today, I'm committing to track my food anyway, even if its unhealthy. I can't change what I don't acknowledge.

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