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REBUILDFIT Posts: 2,725
8/9/09 2:33 P

I think I have a healthy relationship with my scale. I weigh myself every morning after I roll out of bed. I don't always like what I see, but seeing the fluctuations from day to day has taught me what my body does after eating certain foods, during certain times of the month, and after consistency in good nutrition/exercise. I have learned that if I avoid the scale after a bad weekend, meal, or binge...that I am only hurting myself. I like to be honest about everything...including gaining 3 lbs over the weekend. I think I will continue to weigh myself daily even after the weight comes off and I enter maintenance.

HOWEVER, I do have some reservations about OTHER scales. I am nervous that the numbers my scale has been giving me for so many months could be wrong...I will be using a different scale on vacation this week, so I will have to face that fear and whatever the reality is. :)

CMDAY2 Posts: 31
8/9/09 2:30 P

I weigh myself everyday...if I don't see what I like Ill be upset until I do see what I like. But it doesn't matter to me how many pounds I actually lose but how many inches I lose of my body and how fit i become.

DEANNAA13 Posts: 20
8/9/09 2:26 P

It's a great tool because it keeps me honest about where I'm at.

8/9/09 2:26 P

It's SO nice to no longer fear the scale! I may not be content with the number on it yet, but the fact that I've been steadily making progress allows me to view it as a tool and nothing more. It's one of many gauges I use to track how things are going, but I don't give it the power to define who I am or how I feel about myself.

8/9/09 2:26 P

I am a little obsessed with my scale. I was on it everytime I went near it. So it has been banished to the closet and only gets to come out once a week. It's a much healthier relationship now.

8/9/09 2:21 P

I believe my scale is a little off. I would like to get a better one. I weight myself at the end of every week so it's an object I use quite often.

JENLJT Posts: 1,471
8/9/09 2:14 P

It's just a tool for me. When I'm actively trying to lose, I weigh myself once a week. Other times, I go months without weighing at all.

8/9/09 2:13 P

I love the scale, it keeps an honest gauge of your success (or lack thereof). I weigh in on the 10th,20th and 30th of the month.

JANIE_TEE Posts: 35
8/9/09 2:12 P

my scale is pretty crappy! it's an old-school one, maybe a digital one would be better. Any thoughts on a good (and acurate!) scale?

KATORS Posts: 284
8/9/09 2:10 P

I love it. It puts me at ease. Even if I don't like what it says, I love knowing what it says. I like knowing if I'm starting to slip or if I need to work a little harder.

EMTCHICA Posts: 116
8/9/09 2:02 P

I don't like using the scale a lot. I find the more i look at the scale the more i become addicted to the number it is saying. If i weigh myself i wait till the end of the month

MNCYCLIST SparkPoints: (137,184)
Fitness Minutes: (78,633)
Posts: 6,987
8/9/09 1:43 P

It's a helpful, even necessary, tool to gauge one important aspect of my pursuit of health.

BLOOMING52 Posts: 2,676
8/9/09 1:32 P

It is a critical (as in constructive, crucial, honest, nonjudgemental, etc.) friend

ASHLI95 Posts: 105
8/9/09 1:30 P

love/hate relationship.........Right now I hate her and think she needs to pick her feet up and move!! LOL

VBW101 Posts: 1
8/9/09 1:22 P

It is necessary to track progress or lack there of. It can be your friend and your enemy. So you just have to suck it up and do not become frustrated, along the way. emoticon

WATERMELLEN Posts: 7,186
8/9/09 1:07 P

Absolutely essential tool which keeps me from being delusional; when I don't weigh myself every day, it's too easy for the weight to creep up on me while I try to persuade myself that I "just don't feel like" wearing x item today (not that it's become too tight). And if I don't weigh daily, I can carry on that way for months. So as for the scale, I don't fear it, don't hate it, don't always like it but: gotta use it to keep myself honest.

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KIMNORMAN01 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,981)
Posts: 468
8/9/09 1:04 P

I think shes a little stubborn at the moment! I just wish it would move!

MACKEYW SparkPoints: (16,796)
Fitness Minutes: (19,818)
Posts: 508
8/9/09 1:03 P

I've already weighed myself 4 times today

BETHY8888 Posts: 45
8/9/09 1:01 P

I keep convincing myself that it's broken. I mean what? MOVE!!! Sigh. I think I've gone through three this year. I try not to weigh much. But I fail and end up "just testing" it.

8/9/09 1:01 P

My scale and I have a love/hate relationship:-)

RAHBECKA Posts: 41
8/9/09 12:59 P

i love when it shows the number going down. i weigh once a week, so i don't get upset if it fluctuates day to day... i'm trying to switch to weighing every two weeks, but don't have the patience to wait that long.

8/9/09 12:58 P

I have a bit of an addiction to my scales and use it most days, twice a day. I know it's supposed to be better to weigh myself once a week, but my reasoning is that,if i am having a period where I know I am eating badly, I rather see how much I am gaining daily,than wait until the end of the week to see I have gained 4lbs. If i gain more than two pounds I will take drastic action. The number on the scales acts as a wake up call sometimes and motivates me to get back on track if I fall off. I do use other indicators, such as the way my clothes fit and how my body looks too.

The bottom line I think, is that my scales act almost like an external conscience. It prods me gently and discreetly when I am not doing so well and openly congratullates me when I am heading in the right direction.

MACKEYW SparkPoints: (16,796)
Fitness Minutes: (19,818)
Posts: 508
8/9/09 12:47 P

I know what you mean. I work my butt off and the silly thing does not move. I weigh a pound more today then I did yesterday lol

8/9/09 12:41 P

I hate the scale and usually end up cussing it out. . . Especially after 6-8 weeks of killing myself with little or no movement.

I keep telling myself not to weigh so often ( 1-2 times a week) but I can't help it.

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SUZIAND Posts: 3,402
8/9/09 12:35 P

We hates it!

SPCRAIG SparkPoints: (154,350)
Fitness Minutes: (113,422)
Posts: 29,893
8/9/09 12:35 P

I do not own a scale and have lately thought about purchasing one. I use my clothes to tell me if I have gained. But lately I have been wondering if having the scale/number and seeing that move down (or up) would be more motivation.

MACKEYW SparkPoints: (16,796)
Fitness Minutes: (19,818)
Posts: 508
8/9/09 12:33 P

He has been my constant friend and enemy. Right now he is my only motivator besides this site.

KRISSYW43 Posts: 2
8/9/09 12:31 P

I keeps be on track. Now that I'm loosing again, I like it more! ;)

WHATAGRL42 SparkPoints: (49,550)
Fitness Minutes: (36,255)
Posts: 3,563
8/9/09 12:30 P

I hate "him".

I change his batteries, move him around to different parts of the floor, rock my heels, stand on my toes, shake him, and curse at him when he won't give me the number I hope for after a week of diligent effort.

I like my "skinny pants" better, as a guide. My weight not be the number I want to see, but if the pants fit, I wear them!


EM4488 SparkPoints: (50,210)
Fitness Minutes: (58,358)
Posts: 3,692
8/9/09 12:30 P

WOOHOO "FITWITHIN" !! I don't own one either!!

They steal your soul!

SPACK0 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,728)
Posts: 182
8/9/09 12:26 P

I think it's wrong emoticon

WOMANCHEF Posts: 688
8/9/09 12:26 P

It keeps me honest!

MISS_PIE SparkPoints: (64,851)
Fitness Minutes: (41,798)
Posts: 1,404
8/9/09 10:27 A

I've become one with my scale emoticon

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,614
8/9/09 10:27 A

Don't own one

BUTCHD Posts: 1,595
8/9/09 10:12 A

It sucked this morning

MARLENE160 Posts: 8,900
8/9/09 10:06 A

Everytime I stand on the scale It's either 3 lbs more or 3 lbs less then the last time I was on.
I think it's broken. emoticon

MITECU Posts: 9,050
8/9/09 10:03 A

I'm in love with it. I want to weigh everyday. It takes all my will power to only weigh once a week.

8/9/09 9:10 A

I am not a fan of it... but I have learned to co-exist with it. I know that it is not the be all and end all of all types of measurements. True success also comes from how many pounds of fat you have lost and the inches that have come off as well.

SWISSMISS8 Posts: 1,188
8/9/09 9:08 A

I am scared of it.
It has the power to ruin my day! emoticon

EVILKLOWN Posts: 2,536
8/9/09 9:08 A

You're afraid of your scale?

Sounds to me like it sits there (looming) as a constant reminder to you. I'd either put it away or embrace it but I couldn't allow it to be a permanent "issue"

LOSETHEWTIN08 Posts: 7,016
8/9/09 9:07 A

I only use it once a week, it has no power over me.
It is a tool I use to aid in my lifestyle changes.

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PALESEPT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (27,527)
Posts: 1,285
8/9/09 8:57 A

I hate it no matter what:(


CUDDLYPOLARBEAR SparkPoints: (359,697)
Fitness Minutes: (179,074)
Posts: 14,430
8/9/09 8:45 A

I don't have one I use the gym scale and wii fit.

SKINNYIN2012 Posts: 346
8/9/09 8:34 A

I try not to think about it too much. It's a tool to help me stay on track. When I get to goal weight I may just let the fit of my clothes tell me how I'm doing.

NETTIE197 Posts: 1,134
8/9/09 8:28 A

I hate it!

BRANDISMARG Posts: 3,720
8/9/09 8:27 A

love/hate relationship

ANJUNA2 SparkPoints: (25,558)
Fitness Minutes: (19,666)
Posts: 930
8/9/09 7:29 A

It is my God, I use it religiously and prayer to it frequently!

KATANA_X Posts: 2,557
8/9/09 7:05 A

I think a lot of people probably feel the way you do, but the minute I start to fear my scale is the moment I'll chuck it in the trash.

I don't mind my scale. I actually look forward to my weigh-in every week, as crazy as that sounds. It's not always fun when it doesn't show the results I want to see, but it's always a thrill when I see something I like. :)

GRAN423 Posts: 469
8/9/09 6:46 A

I don't have a bathroom scale.

VILLADINORAH SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (30,095)
Posts: 1,345
8/9/09 4:29 A

Even though I'm at goal and successfully maintaining, I regard my scale with fear and dislike!

That darn thing looms over me every day, even though I check in with it now every two weeks.

I'm still very much dominated by it: I hate it!

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