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RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
1/3/11 11:00 P

I work as a resthome helper in private homes so this issue is one of the things that needs TLC.

1. I have my hands in water daily- clean hands and a good oil cream efter each assignment..
2. Decent gloves, I wear pure lamb skin gloves out in sub zero conditions.. Mountain sheep are out in all weather- smart animal with it's own fur coat!
3. Forget the fancy nails and polish- food poisoning and bacteria spread comes from nail polish lifting and food and invisable bacteria sitting under it..

Just touch food and letting it sit out of the fridge spread bacteria..

4. Wear cleaning gloves when working with chemicals..
Hair dressers, health staff are open to direct exposure to chemical poisoning via skin contact..

5. Purchase plastic gloves if putting creams on your family members the doctor has written them out to your kid- don't expose yourself to medication for other people..

6. Hydration, skin gets dry if you remove too much essential fats from nutrition- don't make this failure and remove stuff we still need fat to absorb abcd and e some of the most vital vitamins for a good healthy skin that is not dried out..

7. Gardening also wear gloves, construction work wear gloves, at the gym wear workout gloves- hands look how you treat them!

8. If you rub against something and tear sheets of skin off a leg or a arm time to talk to your doctor!
Vital steriods may need adjusting in dosis!

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WINSTONSUZ Posts: 5,620
1/3/11 8:55 P

I only have this problem in winter with dry skin and hang nails... I use lotions etc but I handle lots of paper and my hands dry and then instead of clipping hang nails I pull them and they are so sore. My left thumb has a huge place right now that's sore where I pulled off a hang nail.

MOOKBALL Posts: 11,393
1/3/11 10:55 A

I don't do this as a habit, but on ocasion when I have a hang nail. Go get yourself a manicure, and then you won;t have the hangnails, your nails will look better, and you will be less inclined to tear at your skin and mess up a lovely manicure.

KLAD_COCKERS SparkPoints: (143,416)
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1/3/11 10:49 A

I do this too, and have done it since I was a kid. I find I'm the worst for doing it while driving or watching TV/movies. I have tried so many things to quit, but I always end up starting again when I'm anxious or stressed. I would LOVE to be able to quit. My hands are so ugly and I am always shoving them in pockets to hide them.

KALVINS_MAMA Posts: 2,657
1/3/11 10:34 A

I wish you luck it took me until my age now 43 to stop biting my nails for good. Now they are so nice people think they are fake but I did have a little trouble adjusting to them. But I remember breaking the skin and biting my nail down so short. I remember the burn and the pulsating pain to where I would have to go wrap a band aid around it tightly to stop hurting. You can make the change just be aware every time you start to put that hand up to your mouth or start picking at a finger with another hand. I tried many times substituting this or that like chewing gum etc and nothing worked until I was fully aware to not bite my nails. I got it to where in my mind I would think and tell myself even when washing dishes or any other activity that I am not going to even put my hands to my mouth other then eating or coughing or sneezing and no picking at them either. I trained my brain and now I have beat the nasty habit. Good luck you can too! It feels good to the pain free and not worry about salt or hot foods coming in contact with the exposed skin. It also feels good to pick a sticker or a piece of tape off of something and open various things without having to go get a sharp object. Good luck!

BARBICAT Posts: 279
1/3/11 10:22 A

ugh I do this same thing! it sucks and its ugly.
plus it makes infections around your nails and makes it impossible to get a manicure.

I got one of those pedi blocks (its a foam block with 4 sides of different grains and you use it and it makes your nails really shiney) and I use that and when I see my nails looking all pretty it makes me not want to make the skin around them look gross.

Still a bad habit I am trying to break though

1/3/11 10:17 A

I'm looking for folks who would like to start a support group if you pick and tear the skin around your fingernails and you would like to stop. This is my year to deal with this at last. I started in puberty and I'm in my 60's now. It hurts and I hate doing it. I've given up alcohol, illegal drugs, cigarettes (another drug), compulsive spending and compulsive overeating.

I'm going to buy a small notebook and start a log today. I know support from others is a huge help.

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