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6/21/13 2:03 P

When I was younger I was quite athletic. As I approached 30 I sought to "maintain" my prowess/stature with rigorous circuit training. I CT'd four times a week.

After two years of this (and occasionally leading the sessions) I was actually worse. I'd put on weight (fat) and I was slower running over all distances. I had benn doing about 5 hours a week... and diligently.

Classes are not really much good if you are ok fit and looking to improve. In my case classes actually made me worse.

If you are looking to improve physique/muscle tone/ posture etc and you're fit - you have no choice but to use heavy weights for low reps. Two sessions of weights and one of cardio a week will get results which are noticeable over six months or so.

With your diligence you can do it.. but it's actually far harder than losing weight. On top of diet control you have to have a well designed programme - it doesn't have to be long timewise but it has to be intelligent. You also have to be firm about goals.

e.g do you want abs? If you do then the programme is very different to someone who wants a more waif like look.. Both are ok.. but both are won with different strategies...

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6/21/13 12:48 P

I would mix things up too. Try kettlebells for a great strength training, lots of h20, multi vitamn..

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6/19/13 2:30 P


I agree with the previous poster who is also a Zumba instructor. After doing the same activity for 4-6 weeks, your body gets used to it. So the classes you teach are really just like a normal part of your day, and new activity is what's going to shake things up and help with weight loss.

What is your recommended calorie range and how many calories do you typically consume?

Coach Jen

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6/19/13 11:57 A

I'm a Zumba instructor as well and I'm not only not losing, I'm gaining weight. 2 things:

1 - your body is probably used to the exercise and you need to change it up. DEFINITELY add strenght training in there, and possibly a different kind of cardio, like kick boxing or jogging. I'm slowly doing that and I'm hoping to see a difference soon. Only been at it about 2 weeks.

2 - You aren't eating enough. Up your protein and complex carbs. DO NOT fall victim to the meal replacement shakes that a lot of instructors use. It's not worth it and I have found it only makes me hungrier.

Give it a shot. :-)

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6/19/13 11:18 A

It may sound silly, but it sounds like you may need to eat more. Try upping your protein intake for a few weeks and see how that goes.

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6/19/13 8:57 A

What do you mean by "suggested daily intake"? Is that what this site recommends? Because that should already be 250-500 calories (depending on the goals you set) below your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), that is, the amount of calories you burn in an ordinary day, including exercise. If you're eating 500 calories less than your TDEE, then the amount you're eating should be fine, but if you're eating 500 calories less than recommended here, you're likely really eating 750-1000 calories less than your TDEE, which simply isn't enough.

And I would definitely recommend adding strength training to your routine.

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6/19/13 8:14 A meant I'm eating 500 calories less than the suggested daily intake.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,443
6/19/13 8:08 A

When you say you're below 500 calories, does that mean you're eating less than 500 calories per day?

Coach Jen

NANCHAK Posts: 2
6/19/13 8:04 A

I've been teaching 3 to 4 classes of high intensity Zumba for over a year now, with no change in weight. I've been tracking calories and am consistently below 500 calories, but still no change.
I know I'm not doing enough strength training, but I was expecting SOMETHING would change! On top of that, after every class that I teach, my body I feels like it's gone through the wringer. Everything hurts and it lasts through the next day as well. But I don't feel fit, I don't see any change, and I feel miserable!

What am I doing wrong??

Any advice would be appreciated!

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