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8/21/12 7:32 P

New Balance and Red Roof Inn....Now I'm getting Jos A Bank.... Lots of good shopping online!

8/21/12 9:47 A

NHOYLE1 Posts: 351
8/21/12 9:33 A

If I get it again, I will try to send you the link.

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8/21/12 9:28 A

Can you one of you guys pls send me the link for that poop T-shrit? It sounds like a great gag gift. My wife is reguarly constipated. Hopefully she will see the humor in it.


TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,061
8/21/12 9:22 A

yeah mine is the "I pooped today t-shirt" girl. What is that telling me? I haven't been searching for laxatives! I poop just fine! LOL!!

8/21/12 8:56 A

Cheesecake recipe and a luxury hotel. Both related to recent searches. I think the ads are targeted based on your search habits.

NHOYLE1 Posts: 351
8/20/12 7:27 P

Mine was for a shirt that said I pooped today. I wonder what it is trying to tell me?

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8/19/12 10:20 P

Yeah, I read a lot of nutrition sites so maybe that's why.

Are you getting XXX ads too?

8/19/12 9:08 A

My ads are ones of the game Magic: The gathering and Dungeons & Dragons and that's because I visit a lot of sites of that nature (I'm a board gamer geek). Thank goodness I ***DON'T*** visit a lot of porn sites, YIKES!

LOL! EDIT due to a missing word!

Nope, I get magic:The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons ads mostly and sometimes World of Warcraft.

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8/18/12 5:43 P

Why is an ad for a lady's diet program in the men's health area? Also why is the
picture of the woman doing the bicep curl the first picture on the top? Should something
a little more he-manish be up there?

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