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4/25/14 8:58 P

Try to skip anything that has the word "fried" or "cheese" in it. Most of those selections don't really look that bad anyway - it looks delicious!

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4/25/14 8:46 P

I think your goal (from what I read in your post) is to stay as low as you can in calories. I would request sauces/dressings on the side and veggies steamed without oil. Most restaurants are very heavy on the oil.
We always get desserts to go and give them to our elderly neighbor; he loves sweets. :)

4/25/14 4:34 P

I'm jealous. It all looks delicious. I have to agree, if it were me, I'd go enjoy myself and not worry about the calories for that one night. Maybe limit the glasses of wine to one or two, but enjoy it, it looks wonderful.

4/25/14 4:05 P

Thanks, all! :-)

ACHANSO Posts: 1,073
4/24/14 10:57 A

Yes, savor each bite- choose things that you really want- and just enjoy a reasonably sized meal. No regrets!

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/24/14 10:48 A

My best advice to you....

Enjoy yourself!!!


I know this sounds counterproductive, said it's a splurge. You're not gonna be eating this way every week, so have a good time! It's like going to a wedding for me. One day? I'm gonna enjoy myself and just concentrate on the fun, the experience and the food and drinks.

Remember, one pound equals roughly 3500 calories.. lol, your not gonna eat that many at dinner. Any "weight" you see the next morning is gonna be from the sodium (water weight)...not calories.

Enjoy yourself and the amazing food, and chug water for the next few days.

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4/24/14 10:40 A

My thoughts:
Gaspatcho (all vegetables)
Patatas (tomato based sauce)
Mussels (steamed fish, can't get much leaner than that)
Stew or Salmon
Dark chocolate mousse (the sorbet is might be healthier, but you have no idea what the flavors are, chocolate is chocolate ;))

Places like this the portions will be smaller anyway since they use very high quality ingredients. After all, the idea of tapas is to take small bites of many different things! As for tracking, if not tracking one meal isn't going to throw you off to much, I wouldn't bother. Eat light beforehand and just get back on plan the next day.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,027
4/24/14 10:32 A

any chance you can do the page one menu?... less selections, less calories!

4/24/14 10:26 A

We're going out to a tapas restaurant that has a special fixed price menu. They only have 4 locations, so aren't required to provide nutritional information, and it's a splurge, but I also want to try to stay within reason as much as possible! The options are on the second page of the link below -- one selection from each of the 5 sections Any advice for someone who is counting calories? For this meal, I'm not as concerned about macros, but I'm trying to be mindful of hidden calories in things like salad dressing and sauces, so I was thinking the ham, the bacon-wrapped dates, the asparagus, the salmon, and the sorbet.

Also, any advice for trying to track this stuff? I tend to get into trouble when I don't enter at least an estimate.

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