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2/5/13 9:42 P

Hang in there, do what is right for you (I take vitamins every day, too), and know that your effort will pay off in the end. Any changes you are making, no matter how small, are of greater benefit over doing the same thing that got you where you are now. Change is hard. Try to give yourself more credit for the changes you are making and less grief for the ones you aren't quite ready for yet. None of us is perfect and if we remember to keep our expectations at a reasonable level we are more likely to make progress. As they say in all the 12 step programs: progress, not perfection. You are making progress!

SHAKESALOT Posts: 1,334
2/5/13 10:09 A


EWILLIAMS1000 Posts: 242
2/5/13 2:01 A

It's a curious thing what you are to do with new knowledge or information. I've been taking a multivitamin for a bazillion years, starting in my teens, and currently I take a 1000mg vit C capsule and a woman's multivitamin with all the daily normals. I went into the health articles to get my 3 points emoticon and there is an article about how multivitamins serve no good purpose for health or otherwise and is just making someone else rich. It even goes on to say that people would be better off spending their $20 (typically spent on a months worth of vitamins) on fresher foods. I am guessing it was refering to fruits and veggies. Now if I were to read this article as gospel, I might just throw out those horse pills and go buy some apples and avacodos. However, after 15 years of taking my vitamins, I have learned, that 1)I make better food choices when I remember to take my vitamins 2)that vitC keeps me from getting sick, I know what happens when I miss that too many days in a row and 3)no amount of "food" I eat healthy or otherwise is going to get me the vitamins I need everyday. I wonder what would happen if all the food companies just stopped making junk. If what was available to eat was real food grown from the ground, or killed by a butcher. Would I still need a vitamin, I don't know. But as it stands, 50% of my daily calories come from processed not real food. I love my fruits and veggies. I only eat 100% whole wheat anything. I limited how much sugar and salt goes in my mouth by cooking everything I eat myself, (or I know who is cooking it). I severely limit junk like baked treats, chocolate, coffee, soda, canned or jarred anything, white anything, boxed anything, bagged anything, you get my point. Yet I am overweight and undernorished. I think I will keep taking my vitamins and start exercising more.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 71,560
1/31/13 4:53 P

Elizabeth, you can do it.

EWILLIAMS1000 Posts: 242
1/28/13 2:25 A

The idea of this message board as an extended version of the status update intrigued me. A public place to vent without getting too personal. To list the success as well as the failures. Interesting... I am currently sitting in front of netflix watching First Wives Club thinking I should be doing my 30 minutes of PM Yoga and just not feeling motivated. To top off a weird, off day, I have a smallish batch of from scratch brownies in the oven just for me to devour while still gooey. Just because it's been "one of those days". I am starting week 2 of my current start up still 60lbs from my goal and I am not feeling it this time. I can put away the soda, I can not get out the rolls at dinner, I can eat a salad instead of the homemade mac n cheese. But I can not seem to convince myself that I am making myself sick. Sick from the junkfood, sick from the lack of movement, sick from the lack of self care. When am I going to care enough about myself to make the permanant changes that will change my outcome. So that I will reach my goals and then move on to more goals. I dont' want to be stagnant. I certainly don't want setbacks, yet that is all my decisions are allowing for. Moving along, Elizabeth.

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