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11/28/11 8:56 P

Bravo for your concern for your nephew. I hope it sticks! I know how hard it is to recruit family to a healthier lifestyle. I swear sometimes my mother's on a mission to keep me fat, but it's just that she uses food to express love.


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11/28/11 12:19 P

I hope he sticks to it! Poor kid.

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11/28/11 8:51 A


11/28/11 5:20 A

His older brother loves to bake deserts of all kinds, and I honestly think it's a combination of giving in to tempting foods (and never having the idea of moderation in food consumption) combined with being a couch, er, computer potato. And with the genetic predisposition for obesity, I think it's really taking hold fast on him.

Well we had an adventure after my last update, the car died a half hour later and we had to sit in the car for about 105 minutes until my friend could drive up and rescue us. I'm trying to keep things in perspective: the car could have hit a deer and the car would be dead and so could we, but as it is, just the car is dead. As it is, I'm not as freaked out as I might be because I think I finally made an impact with my brother about my nephew, and that too is far more important than a seventeen year old car.

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11/28/11 12:12 A

Careful eating is good but make sure it is not too restrictive for him. Also find out why he is eating more than needed. In the end it is all in the head, what is going on in his brain when he is overeating. There is no quick and fast solution. The only way is to do the hard yards. Bless him.

11/27/11 9:50 P

We just left my brother's an hour ago. My brother told my nephew that he was now on a weight loss plan and limited him to only one pumpkin square for desert, so I have high hopes that he'll see that my nephew eats less and gets more activity.

My brother's weight krept up and he's very pleased that he's lost 20 pounds (would like to lose another 10), so I think that he may feel a little more how the problem could snowball if it isn't put under control now. He says he only weighed 110 at graduation, so feels that his son's weight is getting a little excessive (124 pounds and nine inches shorter).

I'm really hoping that this will take hold. Of course the news story about the mother in Ohio having her 200 pound 8 year old son removed and placed in foster for care for neglect because she wouldn't do anything to make him lose weight made a bit of impression too.

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11/27/11 7:54 P

It hurts my heart to think of a kid that age headed into the teasing and shame ahead of him and a mom rationalizing and enabling with comments like "he's big boned." Obsesity is an emotional nightmare as well as a health nightmare. I hope you continue to be a positive influence and a reminder of his choices. Sounds like you were climbing uphill all the way!

11/27/11 4:56 P

I've been at my brother's house over the Thanksgiving holiday. My younger nephew will be age be12 on Christmas day. Last year when I came up for Thanksgiving I didn't recognize him, he'd gone from being a healthy weight to being chubby and assumed him to be a neighbor kid. I'd hoped over the year that he'd slim down, but he's only gotten worse.

Obesity runs in the family, but it usually doesn't strike until the 20's or 30's. My sister in law says he has big bones. No, he doesn't. All weekend I've been talking to his parents and siblings, trying to convince them he has a serious problem developing if it's allowed to go unchecked. Right now he's two percentile points from being in the obese category.

The day after Thanksgiving the family of 9 ate pumpkin pie, 2 large ones (except for one last piece), with whip cream. When my younger nephew reached for that second piece I told him he really didn't need it, that it was about 400 calories right after eating 400 calories and this was an in between meal treat, and that 800 calories was too much of the 2000 calories a day he ought to eat. It only slowed him down for a half a second.

I put my nephew through some Coach Nicole videos and he really struggled with stamina and being able to do things in general.

Saturday night I watched several episodes of this season of the Biggest Loser, and my nephew and next older sister watched a couple of them with me.

Today I went into the kitchen to make a scrambled egg sandwich on plain whole wheat bread. Everyone else was making sandwiches too. At one point my nephew put a couple of slices of bread on the counter and placed a slice of cheese on top, getting ready to cut more slices. I asked him if that was his second sandwich. He admitted it was. I told him we would be eating lasagne in just 3 hours and that he really didn't need a second sandwich, that the two slices of bread were 220 calories and the cheese there was another 110 and he was just getting started (I don't know exactly he did to his first sandwich, but it must have been upwards of 700 calories judging by what he had out and what he was likely to add (mayo and wafer thin ham is what everyone else seemed to be going for).

I explained to him about how a kid a year behind me in school died from obesity right after I graduated, and that obese people tended to wildly underestimate how many calories they eat. I told him that he needed to exercise a lot more and spend less time on the computer, and that he had to exercise for 10 minutes at a time without stopping for it to help him.

Finally he put the slices of bread back in the bag, then he picked up the slice of cheese and started to take a bite. I told him he didn't need that either and he put it back with the block of cheese.

I feel like I've been banging my head against the wall the entire time I've been here, but with 3 hours to go before the 3 hour trip home I've finally made him listen. I'm going to try to find some resources for my sister in law to read on childhood obesity in hopes that she will follow through and am trying to recruit the entire family to help him.

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