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11/27/13 10:45 P

There are a lot of people who think it's bad to drink along with your food. Those beliefs started a very long time ago, and back then, getting enough to eat was a challenge. Drinking liquid made people feel full, and they would eat less, then be very hungry later in the day when there might not be time for a meal or there might not be food available. So back then, it probably was healthier to eat your breakfast without liquid and take the tea alone later to suppress hunger until the next meal. Now, though, eating too much is a bigger problem than eating too little, so a hot drink that fills you up and makes you less hungry is probably a good thing.

But if you're worried, it certainly wouldn't hurt anything if you ate breakfast alone and then had your cup of tea later in the morning or in the afternoon, especially if you drink the tea instead of eating a snack.

In other words, have your tea when YOU want it. It doesn't matter, so please yourself.

OPUSEVA Posts: 1,331
11/27/13 9:28 A

This is probably something from Indian ayurvedic tradition. It has no basis in science. There is no reason to avoid drinking tea (or water) with your meals. If your stomach needs more acid to digest your food, it just makes more!! (It does not work like a test tube, duh!)

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11/27/13 8:20 A

Sounds supremely silly to me.

Tea is good for you. Breakfast is good for you.

The only slight precaution I would give, being a former barista, is that you MUST not steep your tea too long. Green tea, no more than 3 mins. Black tea, no more than 5 mins. (Herbal you can leave in for as long as you want). After that the tannins naturally in the tea plant that develop will negate the good benefits. (Also it starts to taste really bad and super bitter, but I would imagine you realize that).

JUSTIMEEM Posts: 137
11/27/13 6:48 A

There is a lot of research done on this subject: the theory is not to drink liquids during your meal or immediately after you ate as it disturbs your stomach acid:
"[the theory of] water drinking along with a meal has focused on the issue of stomach acid, and whether the very acidic fluid in our stomach becomes too diluted (insufficiently acidic) when we drink water along with a meal."

On the other hand:
"[...]evidence from all of [these] studies suggests that stomach pH is not significantly altered by water drinking, even when a person consumes the water following an overnight fast. [...] natural stomach acid levels were not upset by drinking water in these studies [...]".

For the moment, it's your decision to make.
I personally don't drink water/tea during my meals even though I used to.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,216
11/27/13 6:48 A

I read somewhere that long term tea drinking may flush out bacteria that aren't so good for the digestive system and could allow more helpful ones to flourish. Also that green tea has the ability to help diabetics break down glucose and lower blood glucose levels and black tea could help you to burn fat....that oolong teas can help block the oxidation of bad cholesterol.

Tea can impede the absorption of iron from fruits and vegetables. Adding lemon or skim milk or drinking tea between meals will counteract this problem.....Drinking chamomile tea daily with meals may help prevent the complications of diabetes...helps the body break down sugars before it can build up in your bloodstream...Black tea ...has glucose inhibiting properties as well!

Herbal tea is known to aid in the digestion process....

All that I know about tea....hope it helps

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11/27/13 6:34 A

I had one cup of tea daily with breakfast not more than that.
And donot take tea afterwards with any meals.

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11/26/13 11:49 P

I had heard about tea reducing the calcium and iron absorbed so to help alleviate the problem, I generally have my cup of tea about 1/2 hr after eating, unless I am just having a snack.


11/26/13 8:53 P

This really is probably nothing to worry about.

There is some research showing that components in tea can decrease absorption of calcium in milk. Tea can decrease absorption of iron too.

I think it really comes down to amount. How many cups are you having??? Are you already deficient in a nutrient??

Your SP Registered Dietitian

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,409
11/26/13 8:25 P

I have always heard tea is good for your digestion.

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11/26/13 9:55 A

I hadn't heard that. Do you have a link to this claim?

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11/26/13 6:37 A


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11/26/13 6:26 A

Since childhood I always had my breakfast whether it's a sandwitch or roll I always had tea with it. But many people said it's not good for you because it complicate the digestion..
Kindly give your suggestions

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