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1/13/10 12:51 P

Thanks for your replies everyone. I've decided I will take off till Monday. I was looking up online and everyone says taking a week off is a good thing about every 12 weeks, and I've been doing at this for a little more than 3 months. My weight loss has slowed down a lot since I've hit the 100's so maybe it will jumpstart my weight loss again, even if it doesn't I'm sure I will be more focused and motivated when I get back into it on Monday. My body is telling me I need a rest, so that's what I'm going to do :) fitness is a lifestyle not a job, so I figure I'm allowed a vacation when I really need one :P

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1/13/10 12:48 P

I had the flu in the fall. I ran once that week. When I started back, I started with less than I had been doing and slowly built back to where I was.

It cost me a couple of weeks on getting to mark target fitness goal. But I arrived, and I did it without doing myself harm. It might be that I could have started back sooner, it might be that I could have gotten back up to my pace quicker, it might be that I would have injured myself and been sidelined for longer.

Rest and recovery are as important as exercise, as long as they are both used to move us towards our goals.

As Gramie Leanna likes to say, "Popie you will not suddenly be back at 244 pounds if you miss a day of exercise."

The biggest danger of skipping a day of exercise, or food tracking, is it may lead to skipping two days, which may lead to skipping three days...

Taking time of to recover from injury or illness is not skipping a day, it is just part of the process.

I agree with ARCHIMEDESII, but might just note you may want to get back to your "Normal Routine" slowly, depending on what that is, as you may need to work back into. (This does not mean starting at square one, but it might be starting a few squares back from where you were when you got sick.

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1/13/10 12:45 P

I think it's a bad idea because if you take to much time off it seems harder to back into your routine.

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1/13/10 12:30 P

I agree with my buddy SKYWATCHERRS, if you're still fatigued, the last thing you want to do is work out with heavy weights or intense cardio. You just risk making your illness worse than it already is AND you risk passing whatever you have around to other people.

If you're sick, stay home and take care of yourself. You will not derail your weight loss efforts if you take a few days off from exercise.

In fact, your workout will be far more productive when you're healthy. If you feel that you have some energy, take a walk. Walking is great cardiovascular exercise and doing it will help reduce your risk for osteoporosis since it is also a weight bearing exercise.

No, you're right... take the week off and when you're healthy, go back to your normal routine.

1/13/10 12:23 P

If you're having symptoms in your chest, you should not exercise.

Here's the thing about sickness and exercise:

If your symptoms are in your head like stuffy nose, sinuses, sore throat - it's okay to exercise but you want to do so at a much lighter pace than usual.

If your symptoms are "systemic" like fever, chest congestion/cough, chills, body aches, nausea, then DO NOT EXERCISE. These are serious symptoms of an infection that could get worse if you do not REST.

So please rest until you no longer feel discomfort in your chest.

1/13/10 12:20 P

One week off would get me out of my groove, but I know how you are feeling. I would focus on lower key stuff like taking a walk - if you are in a cold climate, go to an indoor mall to do it so you don't max out your system - but definitely try and do something to keep your muscles and mind engaged...
Hope you feel better soon!

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1/13/10 12:18 P

I wouldn't suggest taking a whole week off....maybe lighten it up but by not exercising for a week it can lead to laziness and it makes it difficult to get back into it.

1/13/10 11:57 A

Why don't you try to do some light stretching and strength training. I took a week off from my cardio last week because of an extremely busy schedule and yesterday when I worked out with my trainer I thought I was going to die.

I understand being sick is different and I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself but at the same time I know how hard it is to take a break for even a few days and when you jump back into it you feel like you haven't done any exercise in years. My body is in so much pain today just from no cardio for a week.

1/13/10 11:49 A

For a few days I've felt like crap, I have a sore throat/runny nose and today I thought I would be able to exercise, but my chest feels extremely tight and it's hard for me to breathe even just sitting.

I was thinking of just taking this week off from exercise and resume on Monday. Still keeping track of my food of course.

Has anyone ever done this? And what effects did it have on your weight loss?

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