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If it is going to be it is up to me !!!
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You absolutely CAN do this. I have far more weight to lose than you do, and I cannot express to you the relief I felt when I began to make SparkFriends and see just how many had lost well over 100 pounds, and a good number who had lost over 200 pounds... and had fun doing it! Just as we did not gain our excess weight over night, but over a lifetime, in the same way, we shed it meal by meal, day by day, one decision to move at a time, one forkful of food at a time. I'm so glad you are doing this now!! By the way, if you play Words with Friends or Family Feud on FB, add me and we can play together! Just message me and I'll send you my full name if you want to connect there. God bless!



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Although, I originally signed up for SP in January, I really didn't do anything. After trying on clothes last week, I decided I better take a my health a more seriously. So on Saturday, I started tracking my food. It has been an eye opening experience and since my income is limited, I have to work with what I have. Over the past few days I have made appropriate adjustments to stay within most of my goal limits. I still need to work on a few areas. I have a good support system with a special group of friends on Facebook. After years of obesity and marital problems, I pray that Spark People and a divorce will allow me to be meet my weight loss goal over the next two years. I have a lot to lose, over 100 pounds but I think I am finally ready to take on the Challenge.

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