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9/16/10 5:09 P

Girrrl! You need to try pickled Jalepenos! They are SO good, taste like Jalepenos, and the heat it toned down. I could never handle the spiciness, till I found these babies! They are good in everything, I used to love them in Mac n cheese, even sandwiches.
*They should be by the pickles and olives at the grocery store.

RB2252 Posts: 2,217
5/25/10 7:22 A

haha :) No I actually like spicy but these were fire I tell you fire! :) I'll try to be more careful next time you are probably right...I musta missed some membrane :) Thank You for sharing your tips.

PROJECT180 Posts: 51
5/22/10 12:31 A

could be a fluke, or maybe you missed some. The heat is mostly in the membranes, and the heat is capsaicin... that is in the membranes, by and large. Or maybe you are just SUPER intolerant of heat.....

No lie, I have a good buddy of mine, and he starts looking like he is going to break out in sweat when he SEES jalapenos on nachos! :) When I have ordered them in the past, he asks me to keep them on my side of the table.

RB2252 Posts: 2,217
5/22/10 12:21 A

I've been told that...but I did totally clean out all seeds and cut out the white part... they were still fire :(

PROJECT180 Posts: 51
5/22/10 12:15 A

Well, the real way is to get rid of the seeds and the membranes.... the heat is NOT in the flesh of the pepper. :)

BTW, I used to own a gourmet hot sauce and salsa business...

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RB2252 Posts: 2,217
5/19/10 9:56 P

ok i'll give them a try :) thanks for helping me out :)

KIWIFISH Posts: 423
5/19/10 10:36 A

Hope this doesn't sound stupid but if it's in a recipe, just use less than it calls for? I like dishes to have some heat in them but it's a fine line for me between nice heat and napalm lol.

The other option would be to try a different type of pepper. I think fresno peppers are very similar to jalapenos and just slightly milder. They still add a fair bit of heat though.

RB2252 Posts: 2,217
5/19/10 1:00 A

How can I reduce the heat of Jalapeno Peppers? I took the ribs and seeds out but they are fire! You might say "don't use Jalapenos if you don't like spicy" but i do like a kick and green peppers are just not my thing.
Thanks for your help :)

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