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6/27/13 3:47 P

I totally agree with you! I wish they would take a "poll" about things before they go changing them all up for Heaven's sake! I loved taking the polls too! and the check off part! even one point would be nice!

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6/27/13 2:19 P

If you read an article in from the Daily Spark blog, you now can get 5 points insted of 3.

And you can always spin the wheel !


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TOGEMON Posts: 247
6/27/13 2:17 P

I'm sorry the points for polls are gone :( Even getting just one point for them would be nice, because it reminded me to go do a poll a day. I guess now I might as well go take all the ones I haven't done!

EDIT: And now it doesn't put a check mark by the polls I've done! Could you at least bring the check marks back so I know which ones I've already taken?

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6/27/13 1:45 P

O.K. So I read that and I went to the poll Center, but I don't know how to get there form my start page or the spark points page. I still like to do the polls...can you help me please?

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6/27/13 1:29 P


We made some changes to the SparkPoints today to simplify the tasks and to increase the total amount of points available to earn. You can read more about the change here:

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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6/27/13 1:13 P

I am missing the Take a Poll button on my Sparkpoints anyone else? does anyone else know where it is???

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