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3/22/13 9:44 P

I'm currently on the program - it's been truly amazing for me. It's given me my life back. I'm not a coach but I do have one. I talk with her once a week, also. If she can't answer my questions, I can speak with the Nutrition Support staff. They also have teleconference meetings with a Nurse on Monday evenings or with a doctor on Wednesday evenings. The food is good - some of it more tasty than others that's for sure. However, in addition to their meals we also are to eat a Lean and Green meal of our own each day. That meal alone is usually 500 calories. What the program has taught me is to eat small meals 5 to 6 times a day. Emphasis on "small". I eat every 2.5 to 3 hrs. This has stabilized my blood sugar and I do not get hungry.

I've lost 65 lbs - so far. My cholesterol has gone from 203 to 166. My doctors are thrilled with my results. My brother was on the program and he lost 95 lbs. His wife also was on the plan and she lost 65 lbs. I'm shooting for 100 lbs. My coach has lost 101.2 lbs herself. I was insulin resistant and had an extremely difficult time losing weight because I yo-yo'd all my life. What's nice about this plan is they don't dump you off when you've lost the weight. They stay with you through transition and maintenance. They teach you how to eat AFTER you've lost the weight. I'm not telling any of you to go with this plan. As a matter of fact I was a complete skeptic of this plan. But, I watched others succeed on this plan. Before TSFL I was so desperate I was considering gastric bypass! But I'm so glad I found this program. I wish I would've discovered it 10 years ago.

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3/7/13 10:26 A

Hi. I did it for a few months and lost about 20 (since have put it back on because I didn't go off it properly). The person I did it through was out west somewhere and was very, very knowledgeable, has had her profile in their books, etc. I spoke with her first and then placed my order. The first time I used a $50 coupon, I believe and joined the "club" after that. If you spend a certain amount you get f/s. I don't eat a variety of the foods so I got bored. The rep I used sent me a bunch of samples that she had -- full size items. She was fantastic. She also called me once a week to talk. I initially wanted to go through the nurse at my dr.'s office but we just didn't click and she didn't offer a thing extra! I am not trying to "sell" her but I have nothing but good things to say about her -- not related in any way to her except through TSFL. If you want her info, lmk. Good luck.
Oh, another thing. The food was tasty for the most part and it most definitely kept me full. I had hardly any desire to eat between my TSFL meals.

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3/6/13 5:32 P

It's Medifast with a different name, designed to appeal to people with less weight to lose. One of my friends became a coach, as did my hairdresser. I'm pretty sure they took about a 1 hour class. That's not really the type of qualifications I look for in a weight loss guide.

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3/6/13 4:33 P

Thanks for the reply. I didn't realize that anyone could coach! That's a little scary. The one women that works there is a nurse, so I assumed that everyone had to have some type of training.

Thanks for the heads up!

3/6/13 4:24 P

Meal replacements are just a way to control your environment, cut calories, watch portion sizes, etc.

The "thing" that concerns me is that anyone (yes anyone) can become one of their health coaches. Of course they want more health coaches for this means more product being sold and more money. But does this process really produce a health coach who can support, encourage, give accurate information???---with no formal education in nutrition, food science, fitness, behavioral change theories, etc. This would "concern" me!!!

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

DADDYSGIRL210 Posts: 243
3/6/13 3:59 P

We know a family who lost weight, and is always talking about a program called "Take Shape for Life" They are coaches for it now. We've looked it up, but can't find too much. Sounds like you have to buy 5 "meals" per day from them (not full meals, things like bars, shakes and snack type/side items) and then you eat one real meal a day consisting of lean meat and green vegetables. Has anyone tried this? We're wary of packaged meals that you have to buy from a specific company.

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