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11/22/10 8:54 A

How much honey and nuts do you use?

SPOLANI Posts: 446
11/21/10 7:24 P

Try mixing it with some honey and nuts of your choice and use it as a spread.

SONNETT1 Posts: 18
11/15/10 2:00 P

thanx guys! i will cvheck out those sites, sounds like there might be some interresting recipes...fortunately i am not scared of experimenting :)i must just say, i did use it yesterday when i baked a batch of granola bars in place of the oil an butter as required per recipe and the final result was perfectly yummy tasting littler morsels indeed :))

RACHELKYLE SparkPoints: (11,971)
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11/15/10 10:46 A

I use it to make hummus, but I also used it in a tofu chocolate pudding (don't laugh it was good emoticon ). It gave the pudding a nutty is the recipe:

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11/14/10 11:54 P

I personally use it to make my own hummus (garbanzo beans, tahini, lemon juice, pepper, olive oil, garlic and water in a blender, so easy). I get most of my recipes from this site, but they have a fun ingredient search function too, looks like there's ways of using tahini I never dreamt of!

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11/13/10 2:55 P

So.... I went to the grocery store today with my with my list of things i need to get... but as always , the inevitable happens - with the 'dedicated' *must get* items, I wander off my list and get distracted and find something on the shelf that screamed: "BUY ME!! TRY ME!! I AM HEALTHY!" .... and ofcourse, not blinking an eye, it ends up in my basket, makes the journey through the tillpoint, into the shopping bag, into the car and accompanies me home.... sssooo... unpacking the bag at home, putting away all the "must get items" into their usual spots, there is one item left on the kitchen counter, one item that does not have a dedicated spot in my kitchen, the one item i compulsively bought and not a clue what to do with it, how to use it or even if it really is that healthy ... that item is TAHINI... could my fellow bright sparks perhaps give me the low-down on some hints, tips and ideas?? right now i am just staring at it (maybe the lowest calorific idea for it) heehee

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