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JPAMPY Posts: 541
7/21/11 12:01 P

That sounds good too! Thanks! I like Tahini best in hummus with warm pita bread. I just dip the pita in the hummus. It is so tasty! emoticon

SMARTYPANTS24 Posts: 268
7/20/11 11:17 P

I like tahini on a little toast with some honey drizzled on top for sweetness

JPAMPY Posts: 541
7/20/11 9:53 P

Thank you for responding to my post about Tahini. The recipe you gave me sounds good. I really like Middle Eastern food. emoticon

NABILQADRI SparkPoints: (3,269)
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7/20/11 2:50 A

hello JPAMPY,

first would like to introduce my self, My name is Nabil from Palestine, working in UAE.
Tahini or Tahena is used much in our traditional food, i recommend you to try Parsley with tahena, we used to eat this with Fish (fried or even roasted in oven) just add half cup of lemon to tahena,salt,half cup of youghurt and add some pasley, you will like it.

Regarding your question, please note that no need to refrigerate tahena once its opened you can keep it in your cupboard.

JPAMPY Posts: 541
7/19/11 8:58 P

Hi! I recently used Tahini for the first time in homemade Hummus. I'm not sure if once the jar is opened it needs to be refrigerated or put back in the cupboard. There werent any specific instructions on the jar.
The other question I have is if anyone has some good recipes with the use of tahini other than hummus. This is a new ingredient for me and I am not sure how to use it.

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