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FIELDWORKING SparkPoints: (28,621)
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9/1/12 2:34 P

Thanks. I didn't think it would be but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

ALLISONAZ SparkPoints: (20,995)
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9/1/12 2:33 P

No I wouldn't consider it strength training. However, you can use some light handweights or weighted balls to improve some toning. I do that sometimes. It still wouldn't be considered strength training though.

FIELDWORKING SparkPoints: (28,621)
Fitness Minutes: (59,935)
Posts: 734
9/1/12 1:44 P

I just got a taebo video yesterday. I am going to add it to my cardio workout (to replace one of my gym cardio exercises once a week). I was wondering if you guys would consider taebo a source of strength training. I know it's considered cardio...just wondering. Thanks.

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