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Thanks for your feedback. If you send an email to, they can correct any errors in the meal plans.


Coach Jen

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2/5/14 3:11 P

Thank you for your response.
1.) Yes, perhaps a bad example, there are more than 10. I'm making my own table, since none exists. My point was more that the meals from more restrictive diet choices are not all included when fewer criteria are chosen.

2) I'm referring to the canned meal plans that are auto generated by the 'Track Your Food' menus under My Nutrition, not the SparkRecipes that occasionally are linked. Who do I contact about the base menu displays in this tool being incorrect? As another example, the Weekly Progress table at the bottom of the page lists the Nutrients in a different order than any other display. The Fat and Carbohydrates rows should be reversed. Compare the info to the summary info for any of the meal choices that come up if you click on 'change'. Who do I notify?

3) Thanks for the clarification of SparkPeople's interpretation of 'Low Sodium', I will compare the meal choices based on all the user preferences and see what is different about the plans.

I would make two general comments ...
a) It would be helpful if the menus were more seasonal, featuring fruits and vegetables that are in-season or likely to be lower cost based on the calendar. Some WW cookbooks tend to do this, it should be easier to do online.
b) I see absolutely no 'greens' per se in the recipes. No lettuce, no collards, no kale, not much spinach. For an industry that touts the benefits of dark green vegetables and roughage, I see little mentioned in the actual meal plans. 'They have little caloric impact' is not a good response, it is more a 'developing good eating habits' gesture that I'm missing. But then, I was raised on Peanut Butter and Lettuce sandwiches not with Jelly...

Thanks again.

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Here are a few answers to your questions:

If you don’t mark any restrictions you will get the most meals listed. I checked your account and it looks like you're getting more than 10 meal options for each meal that you can choose from. The more restrictions you put in, the less meals you will have to choose from.

Were you referring to meal plans being incorrect, or a specific food item? If it's a recipe from SparkRecipes, you can click the "inappropriate" link and our staff will get an email about it and can take a look.

Our meal plans do not follow a hospital low sodium meal plan so even checking that selection, you would still need to monitor and make adjustments (as with peanut butter) to fit any medically recommended meal plan.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen


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1/24/14 7:25 P

Has SP published a matrix showing which meals Nutrition Tracker Option choices display?

There are 9 Dietary Preference options:
No Red Meat
No Pork
No Poultry
No Fish
No Eggs
No Tofu
Low Sodium
Low Cholesterol

And then four SparkD options:
Heart Healthy
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Diabetes choice (no/pre/1/2)

Each results in a different set of meal plan recipes (some are repeated depending on the choice).

1. If I choose No SparkD and Low Cholesterol is that the same as High Cholesterol Program?

2. If I don't chose any restrictive options, why don't I see all the recipes? It still only list less than 10 in each Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Snack category.

3. Why do Low Sodium diet meal plans include Peanut Butter {With Added Salt) ?

It seems the only way I can 'see' all the recipes is to select each option, generate a meal plan, then group each meal into a personal meal plan and save them to my ID, change settings, rinse and repeat.

4. Where should I be posting corrections to the SP Nutrition Tracker website? I found some meals where the nutritional info is not scaling properly (1.5 servings displays 2 servings of nutritional values)?

Thanks for you help.

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