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8/3/13 12:08 P

Thanks for input folks; two days have passed since I posted this and for the biceps and left forearm I agree it must have been DOMS. But the right forearm is still sore. if I extend it out, straighten the elbow far as it will go, the strip of muscle on top of the arm from the elbow to the wrist hurts. I can hold the stretch today without too much discomfort - previously it hurt badly enough I bent the elbow quickly, worried I was injuring something worse. So it's improving. The trainer who was showing me TRX may be at the fitness center today - if he is I will talk to him about it.

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8/2/13 8:42 A

I am also starting to use TRX. At my son's gym there are 10 sets of them. They are a key part of the training program the elite ahtletes use at his gym.

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8/2/13 6:32 A

The soreness doesn't sound like anything more serious beyond the typical DOMS.

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Sounds like Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). It's pretty common when you try something new your muscles are unfamiliar with.

Continue to work out regularly (the increased blood flow to the muscles helps the recovery process), but dial back the intensity for a week or two until your muscles adapt to the new demands you are making of them.


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8/2/13 12:45 A

I tried TRX for the first time Monday evening. The person showing it to me is a trainer and physical therapist - very young & fit, but he works with older people and seems able to understand their limitations. Anyway, I was fine till Tuesday night after cardio, then I was way sore - much more than usual (but maybe that means I have been taking it too easy!) Wednesday I swam. Tonight (Thursday) I planned to do weights at home but my forearms and biceps particularly are still quite sore & I decided to take a night off. I think I just overdid it and will take it easier next session (Saturday). Anyone have any thoughts/advice? I'm very much a novice about this stuff...

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