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4/19/13 12:26 P
has a 40% incline. 50% incline, in my mind would mean the belt is at a 45 degree angle.

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4/19/13 11:58 A

Don't feel foolish, that's why you ask questions :)

I was just thinking the same thing on how the numbers translate into percentages!

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4/19/13 11:11 A

Thanks for the input. I feel foolish, but it was helpful.

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4/19/13 12:37 A

Actually, 100% means you climb 1 foot vertically for every 1 foot travelled horizontally (ie. 45 degrees).

But I agree - a setting of 8 on the treadmill is almost certainly 8%.


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4/18/13 11:44 P

80% incline would be nearly vertical, so no, that's not an 80% incline. It would be 8%. :)

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4/18/13 10:28 P


Generally that means a 4%, 6% and 8%--the most incline I have seen is 15%

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4/18/13 10:24 P

How do I determine the percentage of incline on a treadmill. I've been varying it. I'll do level 4, and stagger it up to 6, then 8. So, does that mean I'm doing 40, 60, and 80 percent incline or no?

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