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KAITLYNN51 Posts: 762
1/22/13 1:34 P

FitBit is a pedometer.
It tracks, steps, distance, calories burned. It syncs with the website and tracks sleep quality and quantity, activities, weight log, food log etc. etc. and gives reports on all the info. I have found it to be an invaluable tool and motivator.

2LILMONKEYS1981 Posts: 47
1/22/13 12:03 P

Okay, what is Fit bit?

KAITLYNN51 Posts: 762
1/22/13 11:58 A

No not crazy!
At one point I was logging the info on Spark People, Fit bit, and two other notebooks!
I finally have resorted to just my fitbit for logging but use Spark People and other sites for info and motivation. Plus my fitbit syncs with Spark People.

2LILMONKEYS1981 Posts: 47
1/22/13 11:51 A

Glad I am not the only one lol. Does spark people have an app for the phone? there is just certain things i like about spark people and certain things i like about the other lol...

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1/22/13 11:48 A

I am obsessive about tracking. I keep the tracking as accurate as possible on the website and in my iPhone. Then I keep a daily summary in Excel. Just fun and beneficial all at the same time.

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1/22/13 11:26 A

Whatever works for you, keep doing it.

2LILMONKEYS1981 Posts: 47
1/22/13 10:46 A

Lol I guess its cause sometimes I am at work and can do it from the computer...but then other times i am at home and just use my phone :)

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1/22/13 10:31 A

If you enjoy tracking twice, and it keeps you motivated--GO FOR IT! Nothing succeeds like success! :)

It Is What It Is.... :)
2LILMONKEYS1981 Posts: 47
1/22/13 10:26 A

Am I crazy and too persistent.....If i keep track of everything in Sparks people AND on my fitness pal? I know its prolly unnecessary but i do both of them lol? is anyone else like this?

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