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6/21/13 1:47 P

I have IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome and it is aggravated by excessive workouts. When i was running 8 miles a day I would always have diahrrea. Many times just increasing your circulation via exercise and drinking lots of fluid while working out will increase peristalsis which are the contractions in your intestines. There are also dietary reasons as well that contribute to your problem such as eating products with alcohol sugars, sucrolose, high fiber or nuts. I just had two weeks of issues with my tummy and found out I was eating too much spinach. I had time to do some research and that's how I know a lot about this, plus I have had a history with IBS.

Spark People has great articles on this site about the connection between exercise and IBS.

Good luck!

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6/21/13 1:31 P

Ditto Dragon and Jen

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6/21/13 11:30 A

Dragonchilde is absolutely right.

Have you been to your doctor? Do you know what your body fat seems to be? I don't necessarily think this is the case with you, but a friend of mine had some issues similar and she had a fibroid tumor growing that got to be the size of a football, and it just looked like she had a gut. Again, not saying that is the case, just something to check out if all other options come back.

Also, another reason to look to your diet, do you consume a lot of sodium and not a lot of water? You could be retaining water in the area.

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Two points here:

1) Pilates won't reduce your belly fat. :) That's something only overall fat reduction can do.

2) Exercise can trigger bowel movements (I always have to take a dump after I exercise!) but diarrhea and cramping are not normal reactions to exercise. If this continues, I would suggest talking to your doctor about what may be causing this. It could be an intestinal bug, or you may have a medical condition that is triggered by exercise.

Have you changed what you eat? Increased fiber intake (as often happens when people start eating healthier and getting more veggies) can cause some intestinal disruptions. I'd look to your diet before the gym when it comes to loose bowel movements.

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I've been kicking up my workouts and adding pilates. My weight all sits in my belly and I look pregnant or dispropositional. Anyways every morning this week I've had cramping and diarrhea in the morning. I do have stomach issues but I was wondering if there was a connection between increased workouts and going to the bathroom more?

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