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4/12/13 12:18 P

My week has been like that, too. I've basically been disinterested in eating and not really feeling hungry. I also have a cold, which I think is majorly affecting this (not able to taste things as well, clogged head and sinus, overall feeling gross).

I keep eating soup because it's the only thing I want, and by dinner time each night I've realized I'm grossly under calories. To make up for it I've been grabbing burrito bowls from Chipotle.

I'm sure with Newton's Law, next week I'm going to want to eat everything in sight.

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4/12/13 12:14 P

I've wondered the same thing as whenever I'm stressed or worried about something the part of my brain that controls my hunger pains seems to completely shut down. I forget to eat until I'm weak and shaky and even then I have to force food down. I enjoy the 'no hunger pains' in that I don't have to worry about over eating or urges to eat the wrong things but I'm not sure it's healthy either.

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4/12/13 11:49 A

You know you have THOSE days when you really want to gnaw your own arm off, even though your food tracker says you're eating everything you need at the right times?

Well this last week I've had days where I forget to eat: and I'm not hungry either.

Take yesterday: I woke up late and rushed to a dentists appt (no breakfast). ended up having a tooth extracted, which took longer than I anticipated and limited what I could eat. I then had to go get perscriptions filled, chase medical paperwork, and do various errands (no lunch) Upon arriving home, I found my new cell phone had been delivered (toddler grandson did SOMETHING???? with my phone and crippled my life) So I decided to set that up so I could function better and then OOPS time for parent teacher conference. Arrived home and started making stuffed peppers for supper but before they were done I had to leave for dance class. I took a banana with me and ate it on the way. I finally did get to eat around 9, BUT I WAS'T HUNGRY: I ate because I felt I had to, then spent time snacking on things I didn't really want to make up the calories/nutrition.

So what's up with THAT???


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