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4/3/13 2:15 A

emoticon emoticon

3/25/13 4:48 A

congrats and keep going!!!

NASFKAB SparkPoints: (470,839)
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3/25/13 12:35 A

just ding something however small keeps me focused

GOOSIEMOON SparkPoints: (237,472)
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3/18/13 1:02 P

Good for you!

NASFKAB SparkPoints: (470,839)
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3/18/13 4:59 A

all the best

CHOCVAN SparkPoints: (8,673)
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3/15/13 12:32 P

That is fantastic!! I feel that. SP has given me such a sense of purpose and I have learnt not to have the belief that all must be perfect in my world, but to accept that all is not easy and I do have to work at the challenges that come my way, but.... I am learning to accept this and find myself quite enjoying the challenges.

KIMBERLY19732 Posts: 289
3/15/13 1:01 A


NASFKAB SparkPoints: (470,839)
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3/14/13 1:22 P


123456789100 Posts: 2,706
3/13/13 1:16 A

Thanks for posting this.. it is really inspirational and how I feel about the Spark this time around

NASFKAB SparkPoints: (470,839)
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12/31/12 10:55 P

all the best for 2013

GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
12/28/12 9:41 P

Your story is inspiring, just goes to show if we put our mind to it we can do it. Thank you for sharing. Very besr wishes for the New Year. emoticon

4_ME_NO_1_ELSE SparkPoints: (1,135)
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12/28/12 6:04 P

I am hoping to find that 'spark' that so many of you talk about. I know I want it...I just have to find out how to make it stick!

NASFKAB SparkPoints: (470,839)
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12/8/12 4:59 P

many of us have changed our lives due to the Spark

LINWASH23 SparkPoints: (85,017)
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12/7/12 5:11 P

I am happy for you.

NASFKAB SparkPoints: (470,839)
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12/1/12 5:53 P

important to be active on Spark

THEBESTISTOCOME SparkPoints: (4,699)
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11/28/12 10:22 P

Wow! That is a great story.

You reminded me of a woman I knew many years ago. She did a burnout. At the beginning, she was too tired and depressed to exercise. Then, after a while, she started to swim on a regular basis. Finally, she was feeling better everyday. One day, she told me : "Christine, you know the proverb that says "A sound mind in a sound a body. It is true. Swimming saved me."

I am happy that you love Sparkpeople so much.

And you will love your Fitbit too! :-)

Are you counting the "nights" before Christmas? (In French, we say when we are excited about something and we are counting the nights before the event happens : "Il me reste 4 (as example) dodos".

CRYSALLIS1 SparkPoints: (73,340)
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11/15/12 9:55 P

I just read this. I'm so happy for all that you are accomplishing. I have noticed your daily affirmations. I'm considering doing something similar. Right now I'm really struggling to keep up with my job duties. Light is at the end of the tunnel but it's not here yet. My work life is extreme right now and keeping me back from some other things I need/want to do. Not an excuse to not care for my body. Just making all more difficult right now. Thank you for your inspiration.

MIPALADY23 Posts: 1,191
8/28/12 6:44 A

Wonderful ~ Congrats!!!!

67YKCEB Posts: 1,676
7/1/12 5:29 P

Hey I just read this!! I'm so glad for you and all that you have accomplished!! Your story is truly awesome!! emoticon emoticon

PRWHITES SparkPoints: (1,368)
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4/23/12 3:49 P

I have actually been a member of Spark People for several years but I was not active for some time. I got inspired last year and started visiting the site regularly but never got the hang of posting food consumption and exercise. I simply don't have that much time. I am starting over because I forgot my user name and password and just registered as a new user.

I get very little support from my family about nutrition and exercise. They encourage me but want nothing to do with it themselves. My grandmother, both my parents and my sister are type II diabetic and I really do not want to go there. Not to mention the fact that I just want to live and have a great time doing it.

I lost 50 lbs last year and am facing another 50. I hope that I can visit this site enough to make some friends who understand this struggle.

Athens, TN

SAMI199 Posts: 17,990
4/2/12 11:44 A

emoticon emoticon

HAPPYFRAN Posts: 204
3/2/12 9:10 A

I enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing.

TEALBERI SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,879)
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3/2/12 8:45 A

thank you for sharing this! Very motivating!

OHMYGOD49 SparkPoints: (14,309)
Fitness Minutes: (7,693)
Posts: 546
3/1/12 10:25 P

I feel that The Spark has saved many lives in many way is making us accountable and alert to what we eat each day. We are getting off the couch and moving in some way, shape or form each day and we are beginning to be happy about it.
How can we ever thank Chris for his gift to us.

3/1/12 9:54 P

I'm glad I saw the link to this page from your SparkPage. I'm so glad you found Thanks for sharing this.

BUSYMOM911 Posts: 9,308
1/1/12 12:27 A

I'm sincerely glad for you. You sound like a positive person, who was just waiting for someone or something to Spark you awake.

It was like that for me. I never really had friends, and I always thought it strange when people said about making friends on the internet. But Spark friends are another breed. We are all on here, come as we are. I love the positive energy.

Everyone wants everyone to succeed. You WILL, too.
emoticon emoticon

JIBBIE49 Posts: 71,597
12/21/11 1:32 P

Don't quit.

WANT2BHEALTHY60 Posts: 240
12/21/11 11:47 A

I´m soo glad for you. I too have found Spark just the spark that I´ve needed to begin to change my life around. It´s a wonderful site, isn´t it?
Your story is an example of how much life can affect us and get us down. And that doing something for ourselves and others, can be a help in feeling useful and actively getting done what we need to get done.
Thanks for the reminders.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 71,597
12/15/11 10:16 P

emoticon Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Don't quit. emoticon

SEAJESS Posts: 3,826
12/15/11 3:07 P

Thank YOU for your inspiring story. SparkPeople is an amazing resource. How very wonderful of the founders to give the world this gift.

Spark on!

PEPPYPATTI SparkPoints: (149,586)
Fitness Minutes: (159,659)
Posts: 39,539
12/15/11 2:58 P

I don;t even know where to start. Whew, since I have joined Spark not only am I living a healthier lifestyle & losing weight, it has changed my whole attitude towards life. This year I have suffered some major losses & gone through some major traumas & found I was getting very depressed. Regardless of what I tried whether it was using positive affirmations, or other techniques, nothing was sticking. I was unable to sleep at night & too tired during the day to do anything & felt pretty useless. I actually considered my life as a waste. I no longer cared how I felt or how I looked & gained weight & felt useless to do anything about it. I am pretty much housebound as I can no longer work due to illness & all my friends fell off the earth. Also we are down to 1 car now, so I don't go anywhere. Whenever my husband asked me if I wanted to do something, my reply was "No". I hated how I felt, I was disgusted with how I looked & didn't even want to go out in public anymore.
I had joined Spark quite a while ago but never really became active until last month. In this short time, my life has totally turned around. I have lost some of my weight, even meeting my goal early as I am now exercising everyday. Since I feel better I am now sleeping. I wake up at 7 & I am on the treadmill by 8 for 60 min. This is not an option for me. I don't allow myself any excuses. This is something that is just as important as air. I am now drinking plenty of water where before I actually hated it. I am eating smaller, healthier meals & not being tempted by garbage food. I now feel so much better, not just physically but emotionally as well. I have made friends & have gotten involved in the Spark Community. I just recently took over Team Lead for the Tennessee Team. I now feel as if I have a reason & a purpose for getting up in the morning. I no longer feel like just a waste. I encourage people, I support them & I get that back as well. I know I cannot be a good leader if I do not follow my own principles. I cannot express enough my gratitude for this site. It has literally saved my life. Thank you Spark People!

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