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10/23/12 9:48 A


Well said! You're doing great!!


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10/23/12 1:51 A

SUZYKBACK, you stated it perfectly! Sparkpeople is a life changer, that's for sure.

Spark On!

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10/22/12 11:16 A


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10/20/12 8:05 P

Amen sister!
Ditto to all the comments here!

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10/20/12 4:57 P

The nutritional information has been key for me! In other plans, everyone seems so focused on what they *can* eat as opposed to what they *should* eat. I see people logging 100-calorie packs, granola bars, Subway sandwiches...I want to tell them, "Eat an apple, for Pete's sake!"

I just love how SparkPeople has opened my eyes to eating healthier, not just less.

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10/20/12 1:38 P

Thank you.... And congratulations to you for making such great progress toward reaching your goal!!! You are an inspiration emoticon !!

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10/20/12 1:26 P

Thats so true and awesome! When I first started this program I didnt think I was losing weight because it is so easy and so much fun! When i got on the scale the first time I was shocked! I'm glad you are enjoying it and seeing results. Congratulations!!!

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10/20/12 1:12 P

This program has changed my focus from the scale to the nutritional charts - which has changed my view of food from treat/comfort/friend to fuel for my body - which has changed my view of my body from an albatross I drag around to my best ally for helping me get where I want to go. This transformation feels almost "magical" (as does the 13 pound loss I've also experienced) because I'm really just following specific SMALL steps. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

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