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There are alot of factors that have to be considered before one can undergo Test. therapy. The obvious being Blood work, A doctor's physical and a required Medical history form..Once all of these components are in place. The medical staff will determine if this specific individual qualifies for the therapy. NOT all guys/girls qualify for Hormone Replacement Therapy..In that particular case, if the results of his bloodwork did come back low..He might have received test. therapy..Anyways, it is very effective at what it is doing for tens of thousands of patients on a daily basis..


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In the last clinic that I work, we ran a karyotyping on one of our patients and he turned out to have an extra X chromosome. Whereas normal males have XY, he was XXY. I thought it was really interesting to live your whole life and then one day be told you have one more chromosome than most people. One of the phenotype is that he has lower level of testosterone than normal. I left the clinic soon after his diagnosis but my bet was that he was placed on testosterone therapy.

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1/21/10 5:04 P

In the last clinic that I work, we ran a karyotyping on one of our patients and he turned out to have an extra X chromosome. Whereas normal males have XY, he was XXY. I thought it was really interesting to live your whole life and then one day be told you have one more chromosome than most people. One of the phenotype is that he has lower level of testosterone than normal. I left the clinic soon after his diagnosis but my bet was that he was placed on testosterone therapy.

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1/15/10 12:30 P

Is your thyroid up to par?

Dr Ken Blanchard, MD, endocrinologist, thyroid specialist, author of “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About HypoThyroidism” says in print, “The (blood) test is highly specific but I don’t care what the test says. I want to know what your symptoms are.” Just because we can measure the hormone in your blood that does not mean the hormone is working. Three times in print he states, “There is absolutely no harm in a trial course of thyroid medicine to see how you respond.”

Take his test and see if you’re a good candidate for thyroid. Go to
About 41 questions one-by-one.

One more crucial point is to check your temp when you wake up. 97.6* or better is desired. Keep the tongue firmly pressed upon the digital thermometer. Don’t bite it but I mean firm.
The most accurate temp. is a “core” temp but oral is acceptable.

1/13/10 5:45 A


I'm following u now... Yes, our situations are way different... In ur position, I'd have accepted the treatment as well..

It's nice to feel & look regular, just like "one of the boys"...

And then we had a difference in doctors too... Mine never offered me the shot... He went straight to the GEL... My LADY freaked out at that too... But as it turned out, I didn't need it after-all...

But good for u... U've come a long ways... I visited ur page & am in awe of ur journey... Much "Love" to u & ur family & ur future...

And that bicyle named "Shirley" is a RIOT... Did u create her urself??? (lol)...


1/12/10 8:47 P

No offense taken. My case is way different because I wasn't losing testosterone due to age or time. I never had any to begin with, that's a problem.
Imagine going through your teens and never really hitting puberty. (The upside is that you always look young!)
I never grew any facial hair until I was in my late 30s (and began testosterone treatment). Way different issue than what you have going on.
I was the only guy in the alto section of the choir.
I see no problem with you doing what you are doing. I'm just saying that when you never had any testosterone (or any hormones at all really), it's REAL good to get it!

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1/12/10 5:19 P

Just another thought to consider..
Is there a Male 'Menopause?'

The correct term is 'viropause', and, YES, men do go through it. The symptoms are much more gradual than the female menopause, and only rarely do men get the 'hot flushes.' But they do find an increase in nightly and morning fatigue, decreased interest in sex and more irritability... just like their menopausal partners. All men in the past, would rely on denial. Each would rationalize that the stress at work and the financial pressures at mid-life are the problem. But even with vacation and his attentive partner, his erections are less often, less firm, and ejaculation less often. But being a man, he will rarely discuss this with his friends or go to a physician. "It must be normal... and ... there is nothing that can be done," are the keystones to his inactivity.
"Although women authors including Gail Sheehy and Susan Rako, M.D. have described this deficient testosterone state in men, almost no one talks about it and almost no one does anything about it," states Dr. Lichten. "When I experienced the 'hot flashes' at 48 years of age tnat would wake me with night shirts soaking wet, no one suggested to me to measure my hormones. They said male 'menopause' was an illusion!"
But I did measure my hormones and found testosterone levels to be below 350 ng/dl. My pituitary was demanding a testosterone production that the testes could not produce. With this biochemical information, testosterone replacement followed.
"And I found not only relief from night sweats,
but a better night's sleep and renewed sexual energy."
"I do not think that I am the only 50+ year old male
with a TESTOSTERONE 'hormonal' deficiency!"
Background Information:
Testosterone is recognized as the hormone of puberty: it makes muscles for boys and turns them into sexually functional men. But as men age, testosterone's effect regulates muscle development and skin and penile turgor. The decreases in testosterone experienced with time can have profound effects on a man's health.
The normal range of testosterone is reported as 350- 1200ng/dl. Studies in the 1940's showed the average testosterone level to be at 700 ng/dl, 300 ng/dl higher than for men today. In the past, a drop in testosterone levels to 250 ng/dl was rarely reported before men were 80 years of age. Yet today, it is not an uncommon value for middle aged men!
Testosterone levels are highest in the early twenties. The decrease in serum levels is now occurring at an even earlier age. Up to 50% of all men at 40 now have testosterone levels below what was considered the normal range of 450 ng/dl. Recent studies imply that the pesticides and preservatives in foods and the hormone pellets to fatten up cattle, pork and chicken act as "hormonal disruptors." Based on the low sperm counts, infertility, obesity and low serum testosteroneI see in younger men, I fear this is true.
Testosterone is produced in the testes. These gonads are present within the scrotal sacs. Testosterone's effect start in utero; both genitalia and brain development are influenced by this hormone. With the surge at puberty, secondary sexual characteristics including facial hair, deepening voice, body shape, and increase size of sex organs are noted.
Detecting Insufficient Testosterone Levels:
In young men, infections such as mumps or viral infections, removal of the testes due to cancer or trauma, and a genetic abnormality may cause Testosterone Insufficiency. However, for most, the development of testosterone insufficiency is directly related to aging.
With 80 percent of the baby boomers showing decreased levels of testosterone by 50 years of age, testosterone deficiency is a major unrecognized health problem.
Self Diagnostic Quiz
See St. Louis A.D.A.M. questionnaire on right.

The Laboratory Test: Detecting the Problem
Testing is easily accomplished, once the decision is made. The blood test measures the serum levels of testosterone and the 'free' testosterone as well. Deficiency is denoted by a testosterone serum level below 350 ng/dl. The blood sample should be draw in the morning because there may be significant variation depending on stress at work, exercise, or other hormonal therapy (such as DHEA, thyroid, growth hormone]. Free testosterone measurements are reported differently by different laboratories

In Europe, a more sensitive test of Free Testosterone function is measured. It is called the F.A.I.; free androgen index. This is my definitive test. The value is determined by dividing the level of total testosterone by the sex hormone binding globulin. Since testosterone is measured in ng/dl, and SHBG is measured in nmol/L you must multiply this by a conversion factor of .035 to get the true ratio. "This key ratio should normally be in the range of 0.70- 1.00 and andropausal symptoms are almost always present when the F.A.I. falls below 50 per cent." Malcolm Carruthers, MD. p.132 Maximizing Manhood:Male Menopause: Restoring Vitality and Virility. HarperCollins Publishing. London, England. 1996
Lastly, measurements of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteining hormone) are elevated in more men than ever considered: I find them elevated in 50% of the men with complaints of "andropause." Normal values are less than 5; often much less.
Ongoing Research
Research in our facility is now focusing on the increased role estrogens have in the aging male. Elevated levels of estrogens are associated with central obesity, gynecomastia and increased cardiovascular mortality. The physiology of estrogen in the aging male may be treatable with new drug therapies that lower estrogen and sex hormone binding globulin. In the future, physicians may be able to maintain a man's virility well into his 90's by modifying his hormone balance!
The Prostate Examination:
Before starting on testosterone replacement, every male needs to have a prostate examination. This examination, often by a urologist, is to document the status of the prostate gland. Any irregularities, hypertrophy, or urinary complaints needs to be documented and treated, prior, to starting testosterone.

1/12/10 2:58 P


Hey guy... I ain't knocking a needed treatment, or tryna put no one down or anything... It's up to the individual to decide his own needs & risks...

I am a senior, and I still have a full head of hair... Mustache too & a beard (tho it's almost grey now...)... My arms are hairy, and so is my chest.. My voice has been heavy since birth (baritone)...

My sex-drive had started slipping tho... So I spoke with the doc about that... He tested me & suggested that treatment... As I said, I turned it down...

Instead, I hit the GYM harder, improved my DIET, and cut down on my portions... My confidence went back up real high & tall... and so did everything else...

As I said, I will take a supplement occasionally to ensure quality performance... Makes no difference if u take the shot, or a pill, they both wears off in a few days anyway.. Which means, if u skip a dose or two, u will go "bald" again.. ..unless u start challenging urself again like u did when u were younger...

It's continued hard work, good nutrition & sweat that makes a man stay masculine-looking...

Don't believe me, then ask several women about it; or better still, hit the weight rooms of any GYM; then go inside to lQQk around...

You'll see some real men in there... Some real "hard" men too, continuing to work at building-up those muscles & strength... Ask them what benefits they are deriving from all that hard work???

And what's really funny is that none of it is permanent... A few days after u stop exercising, taking pills and/or getting those shots, everything starts to fade away again... So what's the point???

That's why I follow the path with the least RISKS on it... With proper EXERCISE, & good NUTRITION, there are no "POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS"... Or any "ACCIDENTAL CONTAMINATION" either...

The only thing your woman may get is a little sweat on her from time-to-time; but shucks... that'll easily wash-off in the shower...

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1/12/10 11:49 A


It's great to hear that you have educated yourself on the benefits of this therapy..I don't think alot of people understand the positive effects this therapy can have..Based on numerous research done by different Clinics, without a doubt one can lead a better life..Anyways, based on therapeutic dosages given by the clinics, no side effects ever arise. Obviously, if one abuses anything, this is where the complications arise..Keep up the good work and if you have any questions or concerns shoot me an email..

1/12/10 10:28 A

I passed on the androgel myself.
I use weekly injections. What has testosterone done that good nutrition and exercise didn't? I build muscle faster now, I lose weight faster, I don't feel depressed anymore, and here is the biggie - my mustache and beard grow now. No amount of exercise or nutrition was going to make my facial hair grow!

If you aren't depressed and already have the facial hair you want, then great! I wasn't so lucky.

I know that exercise will build muscle, but just try body building when you build muscle without testosterone. In women, muscles tend to not bulk up, mine wouldn't either. I lifted for over a year and there was very little change in my muscles. After about 6 months on testosterone I had normal guy-looking muscles.

With all that, I have no problem what so ever injecting myself with testosterone once a week.

I've seen guys who use the gel, it works for some of them, but I'll pass.

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1/11/10 10:00 A

Just a thought..I would like to think that the Mayo clinic is very well versed on this topic.Just some helpful Info..

Testosterone therapy: Can it help older men feel young again?
Some men are interested in testosterone therapy even if their testosterone levels are considered normal. Find out whether testosterone therapy could be helpful for you.

By Mayo Clinic staff
The possibilities of testosterone therapy are enticing — increase your muscle mass, sharpen your memory and mental focus, boost your libido, and improve your energy level. As you get older, testosterone therapy may sound like the ultimate anti-aging formula. But health benefits from testosterone therapy aren't quite so clear-cut.

Before you buy into the tempting claims, find out what's known — and not known — about testosterone therapy so that you can make the best decision for your long-term health.

What is testosterone?
The influence of testosterone
Men's bodies produce the hormone testosterone in their testes. In men, testosterone helps maintain:

Bone density
Fat distribution
Muscle mass
Muscle strength
Red blood cell production
Sex drive
Sperm production
Your doctor can prescribe a synthetic version of testosterone. Testosterone therapy using testosterone replacement medications may be necessary for men who have very low levels of testosterone (hypogonadism). Testosterone therapy medications are available as injections, patches and gels.

What happens to your testosterone level as you age?
Your body's testosterone level peaks during adolescence and early adulthood. Starting around age 40, your body produces less testosterone. For most men, testosterone levels decline modestly.

Does a naturally declining testosterone level cause the signs and symptoms of aging?
It's not clear that naturally falling testosterone levels cause any signs and symptoms in men. Studies of men who have very low levels of testosterone due to diseases and treatments may offer some clues to the role testosterone plays in a man's body as he ages. According to those studies, testosterone deficiency can have several effects on the body, including:

Decreased sexual function
Loss of bone density
Loss of muscle mass
Increase in fat mass
Reduced muscle strength
Memory loss
Mood changes and depression
Some men experience these signs and symptoms, but don't have unusually low levels of testosterone. Others may have low levels of testosterone, but don't experience any signs and symptoms that would prompt them to seek treatment.

1/10/10 2:05 A

I tested low & was given a prescription for ANDROGEL, along with a few free samples... After reading the literature about possible side effects, I decided to ignore this advice...

What more can testosterone therapy do for you that a good healthy-heart, proper-nutrition, frequent-exercise & an occasional VIAGRA, or CIALIS can't do???

Then there is the possibility of contaminating your woman accidently... Who wants a more hairy woman with a gruff'er voice???

When u couple this with possible side effects, seems like too many things can go WRONG...

Or perhaps I didn't understand the therapy... If that's the case, please school me, as I'd like to appear as MASCULINE to the PUBLIC, and to my mate as possible...

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1/9/10 9:57 A


That is great to know..Being in the industry myself, I know how important it is for my patients to receive this type of therapy. There is a misconception about this therapy that alot of people don't understand..We currently have tens of thousands of patients that are living happier and healthier lives with our therapy programs.It's great to hear that you have educated yourself and have been able to enjoy the benefits..I have many years of knowledge under my belt and look forward to helping as many people as I can..Anyways, thanks for your input and continue to enjoy your life..


1/8/10 7:49 P

I take testosterone (it is medically necessary, doctor prescribed). I've been taking it for over a year now and it has changed my life for the better.

I didn't need HGH, but I do have a lot of experience with testosterone replacement.

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1/6/10 12:48 P


Correct, under a Doctor's supervision..This would be the only way one should even consider this type of therapy...If and only it is found that you are deficient in both TEST and IGF-1...


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1/6/10 12:45 P

I think it depends on your definition of "therapy". If it is a medical "necessity" that a doctor has prescribed, I have no issues with it. It's monitored by a doctor and can be vary helpful in healing damaged tissues.

If you're talking about guys who use it on their own, or advice of a trainer, then I'm 100% against it.

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1/6/10 10:57 A

Being in the industry, I thought I would pose the question to all of the members..What are your thoughts on these types of therapies? Or, do alot of you guys don't have a clue how these programs function or the benefits?Anyways, I would like to hear from the community on how they feel about these types of therapies...

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