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1/8/13 8:40 P

Oh and PMS probably has a lot to do with it. I have really noticed that I crave more sweet/fatty stuff before my periods. But I have to say that there's quite a difference between just eating a bit more that usual and going into that food-frenzy mode. So it's still a good idea to think it through.
I've read about PMS-stuff and lots of articles suggest to eat a bit more dairy before and try to pick high-protein high-fat comfort food (if you feel like it) rather that high-carb, because fast carbs will just not satisfy those cravings.

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1/8/13 8:32 P

Hey, I can relate a lot. I have had eating disorders, binge disorder included. I am now on the road of recovery and have done very well, but today I kind of binged (ate 2500 calories during the day and it was fatty, unhealthy stuff and that mindless eating style).
Here are some basic steps that I had to take when I started recovery
1. Deal with your anxiety. You describe a lot of symptoms here which was a lot like me when I had an anxiety disorder. In large part, my eating disorders grew out of anxiety and I made it to the doctor very late. I got anxiety medication and it helped me a LOT. I didn't even have to take them for such a long time. So, maybe you just need some mild anxiolytics to help with these issues. Just contact your doctor.
2. Analyze the trigger emotions and situations which lead to binges and write them down. My emotions - feeling down, anxious, worrying about procrastinating stuff and just unsatisfied with myself
Situations - lack of sleep, lots of clutter in my house, spending the whole day behind a computer or tv (which leads to feeling down), not drinking enough water or tea during the day, having lots of sweets in my fridge
3. Write down how you can eliminate some of the triggers or alternative responses to emotions
For me - keeping a private journal, being aware of my emotions, taking up new hobbies, going out and sometimes just buying less stuff so that there are no boxes of cookies in my fridge to binge on
4. Try your best to eliminate the guilt out of the equation after binge and don't punish yourself with starving the next day.
What I did today - wrote down my emotions about the binge in my journal (to get out of my system), had a nice shower and groomed myself a bit more that usual and then went on for a nice walk outside and reading a relaxing book. It's also not a good idea to starve, it's better to have something so your sugar levels don't do rollercoasters. For example, some boiled eggs and salad, vegetable juices and sour milk or yogurt and lots of water/green tea are good choices for me.

Just take some time for yourself and think about this issue and make some time to sit with negative/anxious feelings and create more positive situations and emotions for yourself. Take care!

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1/8/13 5:57 P

You've gotten some good advice but something no one has mentioned is counseling. There is nothing wrong with seeking help during a stressful time of your life. Most likely if you are having food related stress symptoms you are having other stress related symptoms too.

Even if the binging seems to be related to PMS, the other stressors can also contribute to that.

Just a suggestion and good luck...

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1/8/13 6:58 A

emoticon Yes, there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel and KEEP emoticon toward it. For some, it may be a shorter dang tunnel for others... a little longer but I KNOW you can reach the LIGHT. Keep believing it's there and striving to reach it. BIG *HUGS*

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1/8/13 4:46 A

I have the occasional binge moments; it comes out of nowhere, but mostly when I feel physically tired/the whore out type of tired. IT DRIVES ME NUTS...don't know if I need more to eat at that moment or is it just a form of giving in due to being whore out....?????

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1/7/13 11:47 P

So there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I am running towards it. It's a new day, and my hope and strength is renewed. And I am slowly climbing out of this dark place, and ready to pick myself up again and play :-)

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1/7/13 7:31 A

Thank you everyone for your support and warm thoughts. I did end up binging more throughout the day. But then not to gross anyone out I ended up being surprised with my period. And then I thought hmm...was this all brought on by PMS/PMDD it's really hard for to keep track of that because I have such irregular periods but I do know that I have really PMS when I am regular. But aside from that, the since of urgency is gone to binge. Now I am trying to cope with the aftermath. Which is an extremely bloated stomach, I look about 7 months pregnant and I am not exaggerating either! And I am so nauseated that I wish I could just throw up and get some relief already. I ate and entire bad of sweet potato tortilla chips, and entire bag of chex mix peppermint bark and entire box of life cereal with milk. I think the way I physically feel is justifiable. I am disgusted with myself. But it's happen, and now I am just trying to pick myself up again. I truly did fall hard. I am not sure how to go forward. And my stomach is so bloated and upset I don't think I should eat for a while. I think I've eaten enough within the last two days to last me for a several days or more. I am just not sure what to do at this point.

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1/6/13 8:01 P

I get where you are at as binge eating has been my problem my whole life. Usually exacerbated by stress or loneliness. What I am trying to do now is to interject 5 minutes between the desire to binge and doing it. In those 5 minutes I have a cup of tea or something hot and change my environment (leave the room where the thought occurred, if at home). I tell myself that if I still feel the same way in 5 minutes after I have had a hot drink I can go ahead with the desire. USUALLY it breaks the moment and I no longer feel the urge. Good luck! emoticon

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1/6/13 11:25 A

I have a problem with binging too. When my husband is out of town for a week at a time at work I get very lonely and I constantly worry about him. So I try to keep gum,water,an apple and nuts on me at all times. It helps drastically and its the main reason I havn't gained my weight back. If I didn't keeps these foods on hand then I'd probally binge three times a every week instead of a few times a month.

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1/6/13 11:02 A

First of all, thank you for sharing!! I have always been a binge-eater...and I'm glad to be able to read such great advice on this thread as well!!

Wishing you much success on your journey!!!

emoticon emoticon

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1/6/13 10:45 A

My binges have always been a disordered form of self-care: if I needed comfort, I overate; if I needed to establish a relationship boundary, I overate; if I said "yes" when I needed, desperately, to say "no," I overate.

I'm sending you love and support. I hope you will release your shame and gently look for what you might really be needing when you turn to binging. It is a slow journey to learn those answers and discover healthy self-care, but we are here, walking the path with you.

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1/6/13 9:02 A

I binge also.. its discussing....I know the shame you feel afterwards...I think we have to just fight harder and not let food take over.. Lets face it.. food will always be will always taste the same....its what we do with our way of thinking.....good luck....but we can over come this......

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1/6/13 8:11 A

I am sending you spark courage. You can get past this. =)

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1/6/13 6:31 A


I know everything feels really overwhelming right now, but there are simple things you can do to help manage your stress. I am a firm believer that stress is a neglected aspect of weight gain. If a person could reduce their stress, they'd automatically reduce their waistline.

Because you are under quite a bit of emotional stress, now is when you really need to be very conscious about taking care of yourself. Stress and anxiety can break down a person's immune system. With a weakened immune system, you're at risk for getting sick. That's why it's important to do your best to eat as healthfully as possible. The better your nutrition, the stronger your immune system will be and the better you'll be able to cope with the stress.

Here are some simple things you can do to help reduce your stress as well as reduce some of those binges. Whenever you feel a binge coming on, put on your coat and take a walk. Get out of the house and away from the food. Walking is not only great cardiovascular exercise, it's a great way to reduce stress too.

Sit and have a cup of tea. Green or black, which ever you prefer. Sitting with a cup of tea and just taking a few deep breathes can also help.

Take a bubble bath or a hot shower. I find both extremely relaxing. Listen to your favorite music. Do you do crafts ? Knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, hooking a rug, painting, drawing. These types of crafts keep your fingers and mind occupied. When your fingers and mind are busy, they are less likely to think about food.

I know these things may not seem like much, but they are simple things you can do to help reduce your stress and keep your mind off food.

Mostly, don't beat yourself up because you are binging. Binging really is a complex disorder with no easy solutions. Take things one day at a time.


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1/6/13 2:10 A

emoticon Thanks for sharing. It IS very helpful.

Please read my story on my page if you'd like. I am over-coming binge-ing and purge-ing... Please DO NOT ADD the PURGE to your binges first and foremost. IT is even more awful.

And with that said... Great JOB on not starting down that road. AMAZING... YOU are so much stronger than I was.

Next, Please keep working a program. Even though you feel despair now.... THERE is HOPE as long as you are WILLING to keep Trying.

I truly wish I could give you a big hug and tell you I LOVE YOU. You are worth it!!!



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1/6/13 12:50 A

So I did it again! I went to bed with a lot on my mind. I am very much overwhelmed these days. And dealing with some very painful relationships. And work has been very stressful as well. My living environment, I share a townhouse with someone. Everything in my life just seems overwhelming and chaotic. And it's like I am scrabbling around inside trying to find refuge. Which was food in the past. And I feel so lost. And very scared. Since I couldn't get into a deep sleep and I had all these things on my mind, I kept getting up out of bed and eating. I don't know how much ate. But I ate a lot. I am so ashamed and utterly disgusted with myself. I am terrified of regaining all the weight I've worked so hard to lose over these past couple of years. I feel very destablized. I don't necessarily feel deprived of these foods because I've learned how to incorporate these foods into my diet. And I eat 5-6x a day and every meal has a protein. I am so livid with myself. I did pack up all of the junk and potential trigger binge foods and got them out of my house tonight. So I know that's a step in the right direction. But I just feel so defeated and just so I don't know how to explain it. Thanks everyone for listening and encouragement!

THARIVAS2 Posts: 2
1/5/13 9:03 P

My experience with binge eating is not a healthy one either. My triggers were never set off by anything besides my love for food. I would eat, put it away, walk away, and then walk back. This would go on for a long while till I would go back and last item up for grabs was gone. It's naturally hard for me to give up food because I love it so much. But as much as I love my son and want to squeeze him to death, I don't because I know I could hurt him. So, same with your body, as much as you know you love to snack, try not to love the food to hard, or else it will hurt you.

1/5/13 7:49 P

It's been less than 2 hours since my last binge, so trust me when I say I know how you feel.

The suggestions made by the other members are all sound advice. I've read about these techniques a dozen times and memorized them. The problem is, whatever it is that sets off the binge, doesn't let me use any of them. It's like not only do I not care about anything but eating at that moment, I will actually never care about anything else ever again. I don't know if this makes any sense. During the binge, a part of me is also acutely aware that I am in the process of ruining every single good day that week/month and that I could stop if I wanted to, but no, I tell myself I'll stop next time. It's very disturbing. No matter how much progress I make with my habits and my choices, I seem to keep coming back to this problem.

To add something constructive, I've taken up journaling. I got an email address just for this purpose and write little emails to myself when I eat or binge. That also takes care of the time stamp.

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
1/5/13 7:16 P

Sorry you are struggling with binging. Try to figure out what is triggering it. For me, it's when I go too many hours between my last meal and I feel famished so I eat anything and everything in sight.

My goal is to space my meals 2-3 hours apart and never go more than 3 hours before my next meal. I also am eating protein at each of those meals. I also need to have each meal prepared or at least know what I am eating and be able to get to it quickly so I don't loose control.

Hopefully these tips might help you. Good luck and I hope you figure this out.

NETTYBREAD Posts: 1,198
1/5/13 2:24 P

emoticon I am trying to stop my binge-ing episodes too.

There is a lot of great advice from this thread. What seems to have helped me the past few days is:

Eating enough protein and fat at each meal and/or snack.
Drinking my water.

At the time I am most likely to binge 4:00-6:00 I have had a "plan" to talk with a friend, exercise, or go to a meeting.

Hopefully this helps. Hang in there. There is always HOPE.

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1/5/13 1:46 P

I struggle with the same problem. The advice from Simplelife2 seems really appropriate, and helpful for my situation. I never thought of any of the things suggested before but it makes sense because I couldn't figure out how I could eat so much and still want food! Then I would vow to eat almost nothing or a whole lot less later that day or the next day, vicious cycle. I just posted in another forum something similar to get advice on how to address this. I like the idea of making a meal plan and sticking to it, no matter if i've fallen off the wagon. Thank you for the help

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
1/5/13 11:08 A

"Then I end up not eating the rest of the day. And then a new day starts and it goes well, and then I find myself doing it again."

You are getting into a very disordered eating pattern here. By eating too much and then not eating at all, your body is getting very confused. Once you start eating, it doesn't know when you are going to feed it again so it tries to take in as many calories as possible. Also, if you are binging on junk, your body has calories but not the macro and micro nutrients it needs to function properly, leaving you still craving.

Make your balanced meal plans for the day with set eating times and stick with it. Even if you binge, still eat according to your plan. Your body will know that food will always be available and perhaps this will decrease the frequency of the binges.

Do you have certain trigger foods that seem to set you off? I would keep them out of my house for now so you don't have ready access to them. If you don't have cookies in the house, it would take much more effort to go to the store to get them. That would give you time to get a grip on the impulse.

Meanwhile, stay off the scale until you get this under control. Your focus should be on normalizing your eating patterns, not losing weight. The scale is just tossing fuel into the situation. And if this continues, please seek professional help.

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1/5/13 10:39 A


Unlocking the door as to why we binge is probably one of the toughest parts of the journey.

First of all recognize that many times we are led to a binge because physiologically we allowed ourselves to get too hungry therefore as the old saying goes when we are exposed to food, many times "our eyes are bigger than our stomachs."

Secondly, you must really decide if you are truly hungry, or if you are eating out of stress, boredom, because you are tired or lonely, etc, etc. This is honing in on what I call, "the why we do, what we do, when we do it" scenario. This is where keeping a journal is a VERY helpful tool as it will help you see if there is a pattern with your bingeing.

Thirdly, know that when we continually deprive ourselves or make certain foods off limits, many times this draws us even more so to them. There are no 'good' foods or 'bad' foods, just choices. But if you allow yourself to occasionally have them (this is where planning is key), they no longer carry the stigma of thinking this will be it. And of course for me that meant I was less then perfect, therefore I would allow guilt to move, therefore I would abandon my plan until I was ready to try to lose weight more.

Lastly, know that you are in full control over the food. In other words, food does not have control over us unless we allow it to.

You can do this, just remember you do not have to have a perfect diet to embrace the habits of healthy living.

Coach Nancy

JESSAELINN SparkPoints: (22,041)
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1/5/13 9:05 A

Patty, your post was very very encouraging.

Usually when I get like that, I jump up, stop eating it and impulsively fill up the whole bag, tray, plate of junk with hot water, toss them in the garbage and squish them in, including making sure that they cannot be retrievable because they are now full of nasty germs. Try it, it will feel SO good....

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (188,293)
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1/5/13 6:19 A


Have you been under any unusual stress or anxiety recently ? I'm no expert, so please take anything I write with a grain of salt. But one thing I've learned from other SP members who have binge episodes is that many seem to be triggered by excess stress and anxiety. Are you worried about anything ? Are you having problems at home, work, school or relationship ? If so, that stress may be the cause of the binge episodes.

Something triggered these events. So, if you look back over the last couple of weeks, what's different today that wasn't two weeks ago. If you can determine what triggers these binges, you can decrease them.

Also, if you do find yourself binging, one thing to do is get the junk out of the house. Out of sight. Out of mind. if it's not there to eat, you won't eat it. Replace the treats with healthier snacks like fresh fruit. If you feel an urge to binge, eat an apple. Keep eating those apples until you feel sated. I have yet to meet the person who could binge eat apples.

And if you do happen to feel a binge coming on, get out of the house. Put on your coat and take a walk ASAP. that's another way to get away from the food. Walking is not only great cardiovascular exercise, it's a great way to reduce stress too. Which is another point, if you are under stress, you have to find ways to reduce that stress. The more stress you are under, the more likely you are to binge.

So, you need to be introspective. You may have to ask yourself some very hard questions. But, if you can figure out what triggers these binge episodes, you really can decrease them.


1DRWOMAN SparkPoints: (68,196)
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1/5/13 5:20 A

Hello beautiful.
First...just breathe. :) xo
Second...what are you eating during the day normally...are you having enough protein (I eat on the higher end usually as it keeps me really full) ...whole grains, lots of vegetables? Water?
Third..what has been going on in your life? Any new stressors? Changes? Anxiety? Hormone changes? Write in a journal when these feelings take over...maybe you can find a pattern.
Fourth...what can you do when you feel a binge coming? Walk walk walk, take a bath, listen to some positive music, read a positive book, call a supportive positive friend? Make a plan.

We all have bingy moments...I changed birth control methods due to a blot clot and finally a year later I know that the 1-2 nights a month that I am hungry like crazy and ravenous that Aunt Flo is in route! Drove me crazy for a long time because I was binging and couldn't figure out why since normally I don't eat anything after dinner...

So forgive yourself - guilt is useless and a waste of energy! Be good to yourself. Move forward. Don't fret. Sending you big hugs. If you would like a basic checklist of what to eat daily for balance just let me know. Tomorrow is a new day. Release the shame and terror. Peace. You can do this.

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1/5/13 4:54 A

Lately, my tendency to binge has increasing. I am really scared. I've binged 3 times this week. And it's like I can't stop. And it's like I become someone else. I would like to just stick to my food plan each day! But then it's like something just switches in my brain and I find myself eating and entire package of cookies and can't seem to stop. It doesn't even taste good. I feel totally disconnected. It's like I become someone else. Possessed by a huge demon or something. I am scared. I've been consuming between 1500-2300 calories within these episodes and of course the scale goes up and down. Which is not the real issue. The issue is that sense of feeling completely out of control and powerless. When it's over I am usually just in shock and physically shaking sometimes. Then I end up not eating the rest of the day. And then a new day starts and it goes well, and then I find myself doing it again. The fequency of these binges happening is making me panic and scared of what the future holds. It's like something has come over me. I am in this food war with myself. I don't know. I am so confused

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