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6/24/14 11:06 P

i know that the harris-benedict formula that spark uses has this issue and my guess is that anything that doesn't use your actual body composition will as well. but the higher your weight, the more inaccurate the formula is. basically the formula is programmed for you to have a higher amount of muscle at the higher weight than you likely do, and thus the formula assumes that you're burning a slightly higher rate of calories than you really are.
if your tdee is taking into account your exercise, then that's the difference between your bmr and tdee because your bmr would only be taking into account your daily activities, not any exercise.
if you're 5'7" and female and 1800-1900 works for you, stick to it for now. you may have a slightly higher rate of loss to start out, but 3 lbs a week isn't unreasonable if you weigh 285 lbs to start. as you lose your loss should slow down as well. eventually you'll likely need to dip a little below that to lose, but your end maintenance calories should be somewhere around there, so it's not a bad place to work from. if you need more calories and can still lose weight, that's fine too. but you're likely in a bit of a play it by ear place. look to your workouts and how you feel doing them. if you're fueling them, you don't need to eat more. if you're feeling weak, add in a few hundred calories and see how that suits you. in addition to your workouts, look at the results on the scale. if you're losing and satisfied in your workouts, that's the place where you want to be.

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6/24/14 5:58 P

I guess I should have mentioned that the TDEE calculator I used for it gave me three options, one was the maintenance which was almost 3000 calories, second was fat loss at 2350, and the third was extreme fat loss at 2280.

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6/24/14 5:20 P

They are both maintenance numbers basically. TDEE takes into account your level of activity, while BMR does not - it's you laying in bed all day.

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6/24/14 1:30 P

I should have mentioned that I'm female, sorry! The more I read things on TDEE and BMR and how to determine how many calories I should eat in a day the more I realize how confusing my question seems. I'll just stick to my 1800-1900 calories a day, I'm trying to get used to that for now then later I'll lower it some.

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6/24/14 12:51 P

When you say you check your TDEE, do you mean that your TDEE is coming out as 2400?

If so, that's not the calories you should eat to lose weight but rather how many calories you are currently burnign daily. You would need to go somewhat below that (maybe 1500-1900) to expect a reasonable rate of loss.

If rather you mean that your TDEE is higher (~3000?) and you're being given 2400 as your target, then I'd expect that either you're male, or SP's math is going a bit wonky, as has been said by official representatives sometimes does happen for people with about as much to lose as you have. If this is true and you are male, the 2400 is probably OK; maybe just try it and see later if you need to cut off another few hundred. If this is true and you're female, I'd say your guess of 1800-1900 is probably quite reasonable as a starting point -- again adjust later if necessary.

1800-1900 isn't going to be dangerously low or risk "starvation mode" for just about any woman, so I wouldn't worry about that.

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6/24/14 12:16 P

I have a question about TDEE and the such, I've checked my BMR and it's between 2070-2090 depending on which site I use and I understand that BMR is what my body uses just to naturally live. When I check my TDEE it says I should be eating around 2400 to lose weight, this is a little confusing for me to understand. I've had my daily calorie intake set to 1800-1900 I try to not go over 2000 but it tends to happen. I guess what I'm asking is, is the 1800-1900 too little for me? Is it going to make losing weight harder for me and should I be eating more around the 2400 area? I go to the gym 5 days a week for about an hour and a half, I'm 5'7" at 285

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