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4/9/13 4:18 P

You need to drink a surplus of fluids, move your arms. open and close your hands. You may have a circulatory issue or carpal tunnel syndrome. It will go away over time I am sure.

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KELLI372 Posts: 20
4/9/13 4:15 P

Thanks for the link to the article...that helped a lot. I'll try all those things on my next big walk!

INNERBEAUTY78 Posts: 217
4/9/13 3:45 P

At least I'm not alone. When I go on walks, this totally happens to me too. Sometimes it can be painful depending on how swollen my hands get.

4/9/13 1:58 P

Tingling could be caused by nerve entrapment while swelling of hands could be due to a few things such as reaction to certain foods, imbalance of electrolytes, tightened first, compressed clothing, etc.

If something doesn't feel good, it's a sign that something is wrong. It might not be a huge deal but it's more than likely your body telling you something isn't right whether it's something in your diet, your footwear, clothing, jewelry, or muscles being overused/underused.

HERE2BME Posts: 2,461
4/9/13 1:48 P

When this happened to me I went to my chiro and then all was well after a total body adjustment!

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4/9/13 1:48 P

I've had this as well, I was told to move my arms more instead of just keeping them at my side but I dont' remember if it was actually a dr or not who told me

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4/9/13 11:54 A


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4/9/13 11:25 A

mine tingle sometimes.

Your encouragement is greatly appreciated!
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4/9/13 7:31 A

It happens to me too. If I feel like my hands are swollen, I walk for a little while with my arms bent. I clench and unclench a fist and keep my hands up by my shoulders. This alleviates the swelling quite a bit.

You don't have to eat the whole thing.
BLUEJEAN99 Posts: 2,245
4/9/13 1:56 A


i've had this too and for me it was related to dehydration.

MARYGOLD5 Posts: 1,893
4/8/13 10:53 P

I've had the same problem, but it doesn't seem as bad if I walk with my arms bend as it is if I let my arms hang down by my sides. I don't know the answer for this though.

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4/8/13 5:16 P

Great article. Thanks! I have the same exact problem, but it never alarmed me because it goes away after I've cooled off. I just figured it was something normal, for me at least. But now I know it's ok!

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HOTMESS8 Posts: 25
4/8/13 5:14 P

Hey Kelli - mine swell up too...totally normal. My legs tingle sometimes too...I think it's just a reaction to the increased blood flow. I also notice my skin itches depending on my temperature before I work out, like if my body heats up too fast. All completely normal :-)

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4/8/13 4:46 P

Hey Kelli,

The following link should answer your question.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

KELLI372 Posts: 20
4/8/13 4:34 P

When I do walking for exercise, particularly outdoors, my hands/fingers tend to swell up and get itchy. It lasts for about an hour after I am done, too. Anybody else have this happen? And what should I do to keep it from happening?

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