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5/8/13 9:39 P

I wouldn't mind going to physical therapy, but I also can't afford it at the moment. This has been the first time that my ankle has swollen like that. So I am going to be extra mindful of it from now on, and hopefully invest in a new pair of running shoes soon. Other than that, if it happens again, I will go see my doctor to make sure it isn't something more serious.

Thanks for all of the advice ladies!

BOOTYLICIOUS83 SparkPoints: (50,965)
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5/7/13 8:22 P

I have weak ankles espec the left side.. my weak side.
when I walk too hard too much it tends to ache a bit is that my body saying stop walking take a day or two off??

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5/7/13 4:02 P

I, too, have an old sprain that I occasionally notice. Since it happened in college and I was on a sports team, I was able to get free PT sessions. One exercise that the PT recommended I do continually was to stand on the foot that I had sprained on a bosu ball in order to improve my balance on that foot. When you do it, you can feel all of the little muscles in your ankle/foot working that you usually don't notice. One-legged poses in yoga helped with this too.

All that being said, this was a maintenance exercise recommended after I had finished about 2 months of appointments. See a PT or a doc for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
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5/7/13 2:56 P

Not really, no; I honestly should have gone to physical therapy, but wasn't able to afford it.

I basically just am very mindful of that ankle, and wear properly supportive shoes. :)

DANYLE821 SparkPoints: (4,980)
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5/7/13 12:57 P

Thanks for the advice everyone! I took it easy for a couple days, and kept my ankle wrapped at work and at home. I iced it at night, and the swelling was gone when I woke up Saturday morning. I've worked out since then, but have taken it lighter, especially if I feel any discomfort in my ankle.

@Dragonchilde- I also sprained this ankle about 10 years ago when I was cheerleading in high school (has it really been that long ago? jeesh! emoticon ) , and it occasionally gives me problems (I don't like to do lunges because of it). Have you found any exercises or stretches that have helped to streghten where your sprain was?

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
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5/6/13 2:02 P

I had a nasty sprain a couple years ago, and to this day I have weakness and random swelling that sounds exactly like yours.

It's important that you get to a doctor; this should have healed by now, and you're not going to do yourself any favors ignoring it. :)

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
5/6/13 1:07 P

Your body is "talking" to you.... maybe it's your turn to listen!

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5/6/13 8:47 A

When I started the c25k 2 years ago, I also had stuff going on that didn't feel right. Not pain as such, more like an uncomfortable stiffness. I put it down to my body adjusting to the running and thought it would ease up. Changing to 10k over hills and grass/mud - it steadily got worse. It became too painful to run. Many days it was difficult (due to pain) just to walk. Took ages before I decided to see a doctor. I have problems with my Achilles and tight calf muscles (both legs). Currently undergoing physiotherapy and it's expected to take a few months before it's better.

I wish that 1. I'd got proper running shoes and 2. I'd rested as soon as I felt the stiffness and stayed rested until it felt completely normal and pain free. 3. Got professional advice much earlier. hth.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
5/5/13 9:38 P

As other members have said, resting now and letting it heal is your best bet so you don't make things worse, which can result in longer recovery time. If you are still experiencing swelling and/or pain though, it would be a good idea to check with your doctor about it just to be sure it isn't something more serious.

I hope you heal quickly!

Coach Denise

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5/5/13 5:01 P

Online Now  • ))

If your ankle is swollen, you have to lay off any exercise that puts a strain on it. Take a few days off to let the swelling go down. If you exercise with it in the state it's in, you risk making the injury worse. you will NOT derail any of your efforts at long term weight loss or good health if you take a few days off from your exercise routine. In fact, learning how to take care of your body IS a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Pushing through the pain is NO GOOD.

Instead, put an ice pack on it. elevate it and rest it. If the swelling doesn't go down in a few days, talk to your doctor because it could be something more serious. Thus the reason to lay off. If you really want to exercise, then sit in a chair and do some upper body strength exercises. Work your upper body muscles while your ankle heals.

Because you have to ask yourself this question,"Do you want to take a couple of weeks off now to let the ankle heal or do you want to take two months off later to recover from surgery?" That's a risk you take when you exercise with a swollen ankle.

So, take it easy. As long as you are mindful of your portions and watch what you eat, you will not gain any weight. The fact is, you can't outrun a bad diet with exercise.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
5/5/13 3:15 P

A swelling that doesn't go down and reduce pain in a week should be examined by a doctor.

DANYLE821 SparkPoints: (4,980)
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5/3/13 8:52 P

Hello fellow Sparkers!

I just started back on the Spark a few weeks ago, and I started a C25K Challenge. I was feeling really good and progressing with my run/jog, and really missed doing it on my rest days. However, on Monday I happened to look down and noticed that my left ankle was swollen! It didn't hurt at first, but now it tends to hurt after I've been walking on it for a while. I skipped my walk/jog the first night, took some ibuprofen and iced my ankle. I did that the next night too, and also wrapped my ankle. I wrapped my ankle at work (desk job) all this week as well.

I did half of my regular walk/jog two days ago, and then I did a full walk/jog tonight. My ankle is still swollen, however my knees are starting to hurt more too. I really don't want to completely stop doing my walk/jog (because now I am addicted lol), but I don't know what else to do to make the swelling go away.

Have any other runners experienced anything like this when they first started running? How did you strengthen your ankles and knees?

Thanks for the feedback if you made if through this long post! emoticon

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