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AUDREYUK Posts: 631
1/21/13 7:35 A

I drink black coffee, herbal tea, water and wine. Occasionally I'll have a whisky. That's pretty much it! Maybe twice a year I'll have a real coke with Mexican food as a treat.

PINGELS2003 SparkPoints: (6,057)
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Posts: 51
1/21/13 7:21 A

Online Now  • ))
Green tea and water.
Used to drink coffee and orange juice in morning, pop during day, some other juice at night
Thought the juices were good for me.
Well in moderation sure.
I feel much better and have more energy now emoticon

GINGERVISTA Posts: 6,236
1/20/13 9:12 P

I am SO fortunate! At the time growing up, I was annoyed that my sibs & i--3 in all--were only allowed a 6-pack of soda (usually O-So beverages) once a year, so that meant 2 bottles apiece. As an adult, I've never been a soda drinker & starting as a child, besides milk, my main drink was water, since even the neighbor kids came around to drink "that good, well water." Mostly water today as well. emoticon

35BYMAY SparkPoints: (1,477)
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1/20/13 9:06 P

I just started drinking green tea.... I drink like 4 a day. before that, I drank a lot of coffee, diet coke and juice... I am still drinking coffee and diet coke, but weaning off it slowly with the help of green tea :)

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,636
1/20/13 8:59 P

I have tried herbal teas, just can't enjoy them, they taste too much like medicine to me.

Have you tried the powdered beverage, s/f Suisse Mocha, made with hot water? Not as sweet tasting as cocoa, and it tastes good and passes as a snack in the afternoon for me. In the stores, it's sold in the coffee section. I enjoy latte's, but don't have them often because we live in the boonies and no place to get that at all.

BINOJAI SparkPoints: (7,357)
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1/20/13 8:51 P

Oh how I love lattes - Venti Lattes - and have been drinking them for years. When it finally occurred to me that it wasn't simply coffee with cream I switched to herbal tea with interesting flavors. It took time but now I only drink water - I keep my own water bottle filled at home with me at all times - and herbal tea. It has worked for me, hope it does for you. emoticon

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