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11/25/12 9:40 P

I will add that variety is a GOOD thing, both in exercising and eating. In exercise, your body can grow used to doing the same thing all the time. You need to switch it up, either in intensity, duration or what you're actually doing.

Best to you ...

11/25/12 5:35 P

Thanks everyone for your tips and suggestions; it's very helpful. I have changed my eating habits too (started eating healthy/tracking and exercise both 2 weeks ago). I appreciate you long-timers stopping to give me some advice.

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11/25/12 3:35 P

If your goal is to burn as many calories and get your metabolism up per minute (best bang for your time spent exercising) you are exercising, then jog, go cross country skiing, and lift weights. Other activities, sports, and exercise classes are wonderful, and there are a lot of them, but according to charts I have read, those three exercises burn more calories per hour than almost any other sport. That is one reason I started jogging as a teenager forty years ago, and never quit. It is also why I later added strength training, after I grew to appreciate the benefits.

This is not in any way to undermine the value of other sports. The main thing is to do something consistently and get moving. I swam on a master swim team and also jogged on alternate (or the same day) through my forties. I wish I had the time to do that now. I added yoga and pilates in place of swimming.

The main thing is to get, and keep, moving. Choose activities you enjoy that you will come back to again and again.

11/25/12 2:24 P

My initial response is that you can not depend on exercise to lose weight and cardio of any kind is the least important element of the three part equation for fat loss. The most important element is nutrition (diet) which comprises 80% of the equation, the next most important element is strength training placing cardio in last place.

I suggest you reevaluate your fat loss programme based on the above information and make the necessary changes rather than depending any form of exercise as the sole element.

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11/25/12 1:25 P

To make use of water, whether it is aerobics or swimming, you need to move fast. If you are too slow, the water won't resist; and on top of that it helps you float and thus your body must support less weight, which is also a big factor in calories burned. The less you weight, the less you burn. Burning a ton of calories is not necessarily always good, but you should know that for you to really burn significant amount of calories, you need to keep the intensity high.

And totally agree with the consistency comment below. It does not really matter how much you burn, it does matter if you are consistent in your tracking of calories taken in and calories burned off.

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11/25/12 1:11 P

I think consistency is the thing in weight loss. When I started going to the gym (August 2011). I used the elliptical for my cardio and some of the machines for weightlifting. I had tried the stationary bike but I didn't like my knees hitting my stomach so I quit using it. This past January, I started going back and forth between the elliptical and the treadmill. Recently, I started alternating between the rowing machine, stationary bike, treadmill, and elliptical during the one hr of cardio. Sometimes, I will spend more time on one than another. I'm not within 15 lbs of being within the "normal" weight range for my height and the weight isn't coming off as fast as it did last year. My point is, do what you are comfortable with doing. If you enjoy the classes, maybe step outside of your comfort zone and do one of the other classes (like spinning). If you are giving all that you can that is what counts. Another suggestion would be to give the other cardio equipment a chance. For example, on the days that you don't do the water aerobics, try using one or two of the cardio machines. I don't know about the relationship between the calories burned in water aerobics vs cardio machines. You say that you can't swim in deep water, but can you swim in the shallow end? I think the Y offers swimming lessons. That could be another way to get in some exercise is to learn to swim, even if it's only temporary.

11/25/12 12:36 P

I am new to exercising the past two weeks. I joined our local Y and have been taking the deep water aerobic classes. I am curious if the water aerobics is any better than walking on the treadmill or using a stationery bike. I am trying to lose weight and want to get the 'best bang for my exercise.' (I have never enjoyed exercising regardless of which type I am doing). Even though I cannot swim or stand up in the deep water, I prefer the water aerobics classes (better than I would using a treadmill or bike). I'm not sure if I would lose more doing water aerobics or another exercise. I realize it depends on your weight and intensity you exercise to calculate calories. I'm giving the water classes all I can intensity wise. I would appreciate your comments and advice.

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