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4/5/13 9:43 A

it is relatively new, while I've done regular indoor swimming in the past it was at the university gym complex. Now it's several years later and I'm using the local ymca's lap pool. So it may be that I'm more sensitive to their particular mixture of chemicals, or the ph has been off lately. I do have a long history of my poor nose being sensitive to stuff (perfumes aerosols etc).

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4/5/13 9:25 A

Is this something new or on going? Sometimes the pools change the Chlorine they use, or up the levels which will cause irritation. I would say right after use a netti pot to flush out any chlorine.
They also have something called "SWIMMERS ASTHMA" which sometimes will be only effected in indoor pools or ones with higher chlorine or poor ventilation.

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4/5/13 8:09 A

a clip is really absolutely not an option for me. I've been in the water since I was a toddler and breathing out through my nose is really an instinctive reaction at this point for me. I'd end up popping my ears if I clipped my nose and being generally very uncomfortable. I did work on breathing in through my mouth on my swim last night and I was successful, didn't swallow too much water either. Also, when I say I get water up my nose, it's never much - just enough that I know it's there, not enough to interrupt my breathing. sorry, might be gross tmi, but there you have it.

4/5/13 1:05 A

I don't have the problem often but I did yesterday. I kept having to stop because I felt as though I couldn't breathe. I will try the cloths pin thing first also. I don't know if I could take a clip so a trial run is a good idea.

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4/4/13 2:16 P

The nose clip.

It's actual purpose is to help with your breathing, so you WILL be able to breathe. Using a nose clip prevents water getting up your nose, which is NOT what you want when trying to breathe! You're supposed to breathing through your mouth.

If you're alone at the pool one day try it with a clothes peg and see if you can breathe. It might take some getting used to, but you absolutely CAN breathe with a nose-clip on (through your mouth), and it will prevent the issue as no water can get up there.

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4/4/13 10:35 A

I've been noticing that I'm getting a lot of irritation in my throat and sinuses post swim, as I have a tendency to get water in my nose while swimming laps. I wonder if anyone else has had a similar issue and what do you do to prevent/aleviate it? I wouldn't want to wear a nose clip because then I won't be able to breathe at all - and I'd end up swallowing water instead, which isn't much better. I've thought of trying a post swim netti pot treatment but haven't tried that yet, although I'm thinking it's probably the best option. thoughts? experiences? commiseration? :)

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